Shred Star Chantal!

“Revkor was a beautiful discovery – I could build muscle during an enjoyable class without touching a weight!”

One of the things we love most about Shred is sharing stories to help change the way we think of each others’ journeys.  It would be easy to meet Chantal and think it comes easy.  Strong, always smiling and ready with something kind to say, she’s one of those people who just makes you feel happy when you’re around her. But being strong hasn’t come without setbacks and struggles.

Always a lover of life, Chantal has always loved staying active, being outside, and making the most of every day.

Chantal hosrse

“I started running when I was 20 and never looked back. I quickly got into distance running,  participating in Marathons on a regular basis. I was never one for the gym, however pushed myself to start going a few years back, realizing that muscle was very important to support myself when running.”

Chantal says she never fully enjoyed weight lifting and felt it was more of a chore.

“Revkor was a beautiful discovery – I could build muscle during an enjoyable class without touching a weight!”

Naturally active, Chantal rides horses, snowboards, and loves being outdoors with her family.  A while back, she suffered a setback with a snowboarding injury, and raves about how the bands helped her move through her knee recovery.

Chantal kids

“I completely tore my meniscus and partially tore my MCL.  The torn pieces of meniscus were lodged behind my kneecap for months, limiting mobility until I went for surgery.  Due to a month of no use, I lost so much strength in my right leg and could barely move my knee.”

As an active person, this setback was frustrating for Chantal.  She attended physiotherapy twice weekly which helped initially, but her leg would not straighten and she felt stuck.  She was advised to limit all exercise - even walking - to avoid further problems.

“I was extremely frustrated with the lack of progress, so I started attending revYOGA and revSPORT classes because I knew I would go crazy if I didn’t do something!  I started with three classes the first week and immediately noticed that my leg felt stronger.  I started attending classes daily and within a month, I had full range of motion in my knee and had built the muscle back up.

“Revkor helped because I had assistance from the bands when I needed, and every single move engaged my leg and knee.”

Chantal became a regular face around the Revkor London studio, and was excited to join the 2015 Holiday Shred.  “The Shred experience put the “live fully” mantra into perspective for me.  Many gyms have challenges that typically revolve around weight loss or who works out the most…this is not what Shred is.  I learned that the goal of Shred is to be the best you possible. Combine exercise and healthy eating to feel better from the inside out. Movement and healthy eating together will reveal the best you – the encouragement of a supportive community and fun workout also helps!”

Not long after the Holiday Shred, we were so pumped to have Chantal join our 2016 Revkor Certification!  Now a fixture on the London teaching schedule, we asked her what it’s been like to transition from Revver to instructor.

“The transition was seamless – I love sharing my passions with others, and Revkor instantly became my fitness passion!  It felt like the natural thing to do knowing that Revkor was a permanent part of my life. I also love the people am an avid supporter of local small businesses!”

Her top advice for sticking with it? Chantal knows it’s tough - juggling work, family, teaching and her own time at the bands.

“This is the tricky part – it can be difficult to find a time that works with my personal schedule. There are weeks when I can only get to class once or twice. I don’t get discouraged and instead try to make more classes the following week. It’s easy to “fall off the wagon”, and get into the excuses rut when trying to build a routine that sometimes needs to be broken. When you have a family, job and various other life commitments, you do what you can when it comes to fitting in exercise – and never get discouraged!”

Keeping spirits high and staying connected - that’s Chantal’s secret to success!  Like everyone, Chantal has had road blocks come along but she doesn’t let them stand in her way.  Proof that with focus, determination and a positive attitude, we can make time for ourselves and crush our goals!