The Team

Angela Rivard + Erin Moraghan.

Revkor™ is a proudly Canadian, novel workout available only under the Revkor™ banner. It all started with Angela Rivard in 2012 in London, Ontario.  

The original founder and developer, Ange was juggling parenthood and career, trying to think of results-driven ways to squeeze in workouts with a hectic schedule (like all of us!).  She rigged up a single resistance band in her basement, and before long, the lifetime fitness competitor developed an effective, original workout that was delivering huge results and making her inventors’ wheels turn.  She knew people needed to experience this workout.  Energized, she founded FLXyoga, a little studio in London, Ontario, featuring unique suspension systems of her own invention and a single yoga-inspired class.  Ange’s notorious warmth combined with fearless hustle resulted in a quick local obsession with the bands….she knew this needed to grow.

After pitching her product on Dragon’s Den, Ange caught Erin’s attention. With a lifetime of leadership in fitness and a business development background, Erin saw something in Ange she hadn’t seen in the industry before. She knew FLXyoga was the start of something important and wanted to help the workout get where it deserved to go.  She wrote an article about Angela and FLX and the duo quickly realized they had a business chemistry they couldn’t ignore.

Together they founded Revkor™, a brand that would help take the workout - and the lifestyle - to the next level.  Along with the support of their unstoppable original team - Madeline, Kathryn (“The Popo”), Christie (“Boss C”), along with unstoppable Balls and Steam - the company franchised in 2015 and prepared to share the Revkor™ experience nation-wide and beyond.