All you want from a workout.

Ready to hit the bands?

Proudly founded and created in Canada, this novel workout is designed to meet every single fitness need and available only in our studios.  A challenge for everyone while being accessible to all, Revkor™ takes resistance band training to places it’s never been before.  Thanks to the science behind our methodology, you’ll feel and see results more quickly than just about any other workout.  You’ll build muscle, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular conditioning, all while building unparalleled core and joint stability.  From fitness rookies to elite athletes, Revkor is everyone’s workout.  More than fitness, Revkor™ is a lifestyle that will completely change how you feel.

Our signature class types.

Where to start?

Revkor™ offers over a dozen sequences that fall into three class categories - it’s our fitness trifecta.  For most, the perfect recipe is a mix of styles.  Our novel systems and equipment feature countless resistance options, helping provide the right selections for beginners while giving all our Revvers endless ways to progress.  Scroll down to learn more and decide where to start. Questions?  Click on your location and get in touch with your studio!

Classic Revkor™.

Featured at all Revkor™ locations; these classes are the foundation of what we’re all about.  45 or 60 minutes, these sequences feature slow, controlled movements inspired by strength training and yoga, delivered with our signature edge.  A favourite of physiotherapists and elite trainers as they help build deep strength along with joint and core stability, you’ll get stronger for all the things you love in life - from snowboarding to hockey to hiking.  Our Strength + Stability sequences are revYOGA, revFLEX, revGLORE, revSPORT, revFLOW, and revFAVES.  Check your studio for schedule and class times.  We recommend these class types for first-time Revvers but you’ll love ’em (and be challenged by them) for life.

Amp it up!

Love high-intensity fitness? Our revMIX, revMASHUP and revPOWER sequences deliver a killer sweat and feature 45 or 60 minute classes incorporating plyometrics, strength training and intense cardio.  Revkor™’s novel suspension system helps put the intensity of your workout in your hands, meaning Revvers at multiple fitness levels can crush these classes. Excellent for developing agility and dynamic strength in the body…come prepared to sweat AND work!  We recommend that fitness newbies try our Strength and Stability classes first to become familiar with our equipment, as these classes move quickly.

Sheer strength.

Offered at select Revkor™ locations, Korboard™ completes our fitness trifecta.  Created to develop dynamic muscular strength and sheer power in ways only Revkor™ can, the Korboard™utilizes our overhead system combined with our exclusive floor-based equipment. With resistance coming from 5 points, your body will be challenged in ways you’ve never experienced. Designed for advanced Revvers, athletes and hardcore fitness lovers, this is a workout for those who like to lift heavier, build muscular endurance, and test their strength. At a more accessible price point than one-on-one training and delivered only in small groups with advanced trainers, Korboard™ is an elite, custom training experience. Recommended for those with fitness experience.


Revkor™ Mashup!

Revkor™ members got together from across Ontario to celebrate the end of the 2015 Revkor™ Summer Shred in the largest Rev class yet!


Angela Rivard and Brandon Prust

Revkor™ founder Angela Revs it up with Montreal Canadiens Forward Brandon Prust.


Angela introduces our very first MIX sequence in this video.  Hundreds of bodies and lives changed after this sequence was introduced!


Angela challenges elite hockey player Christian Dvorak to a little action at the bands as we introduce our revMIX3 sequence.

Revkor™ Stars!

This video features real Revkor™ members, showcasing some of our favourite MIX moves.  All bodies courtesy of Rev!