You’ve got this revNATION!

As we land on the first weekend of your Revkor™ Shred, you might be feeling - well - a little like crap.

We know what you’re thinking…why am I eating so well but feeling so gross, grumpy, bloated, icky?

It’s called DETOX.  It’s your Shred working it’s magic.  While you’ve been filling the body up with loads of goodness, your body’s systems might be wondering where the junk is at.  When we eliminate preservatives and chemicals, we forget that the body was really USED to all that stuff!  The body even becomes dependent on things like sugar and caffeine, so it’s a little angry with you right now wondering when its next hit of chai vanilla latté is going to show up.

Keep going!

Here’s some tips to beat the Shred blahs!

  • Caffeine headaches?  This is about balance!  Have a green tea or treat yourself to one GOOD black coffee as you ween yourself off your 3 cups a day.
  • Sweet tooth? Spend time this weekend with your BFF trying a new recipe to satisfy your sugar cravings in a healthier way.  There are loads of Shred-friendly recipes at Angela Liddon’s site Oh She Glows or try our amazing Shred Approved Ginger Meltdowns!
  • Salt craving?  Easy!  Slice some beets and sweet potatoes super thin and speed on a parchment lined pizza pan.  Brush with 1 tbsp of melted coconut oil and season with your favourite spice and a healthy sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt.  Bake till crispy! Sea salt contains trace minerals you need to replenish from all your sweating.  Go for it!
  • Hydrate!  Lemon water - a glass every morning and throughout the day to stave off headaches and flush the body out.
  • Get a massage.  Regular massages can help with lymph drainage AND help soothe your achy Rev muscles!
  • Have an epsom salts bath.  Some say it promotes detoxification through the skin - we say it just makes you feel cozy.
  • Indulge.  This isn’t about deprivation.  If you’re at a party this weekend and are feeling festive, go ahead and have a cocktail.  A cocktail.  Ok maybe two.  But not the whole keg!  Choose drinks that are lower in calories like a Bloody Mary, Vodka Soda, or a wine spritzer.  Or enjoy one fabulous glass of your favourite red. One.
  • Exfoliate.  Another way to stimulate lymph draining is through dry brushing or exfoliation.  If you’re using a scrub consider making your own or picking up an all-natural product.
  • Zzzzzzz.  Get some sleep.  Your body is working out like a beast and trying really hard to get to its happiest, healthiest state.  You deserve some rest!

Have questions?  Leave comments below, and share your own stories, experiences and ideas on social media using the hashtag #revkorshred.

You’ve got this!