All we did was google: “fitness magazine covers”.


We actually pay people to tell us this sh!t.

Even if we don’t buy these kinds of magazines, these messages still scream at us in the market line-up, on highway billboards, and worst of all, where we work out. Marketers need us to feel too old, too fat, and too skinny.  They need us to believe we don’t know how to eat, that we’re missing a BIG SECRET, and that we can’t make any choices for ourselves. If we dislike ourselves just enough, we’ll buy what they’re selling.

We drank the juice, too.

For years, WE were buying the same old crap for ourselves. Why? Because we’re born and raised in the fitness industry, where body-shaming was born.  Want proof? Just check out these unfathomable gym ads.  We all fall prey to the cycle of guilt, and we knew we had to do something to change it.

It’s always been about taking the power back.

This is why Rebellion was born: so we could band together to end the cycle. Listen, there is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy percentage of body fat is key to overall health; everyone knows that.  And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to change your appearance. We all have to do what feels right for us.

What needs to change is who decides how we feel about ourselves, and who decides what we do about it. And because we get slammed with this BS on the regular, we have to check in ALL THE TIME to make sure we’ve empowered ourselves to think for ourselves. So, we REBEL at the bands twice annually. WABAM!

There is one mother of a difference between striving for a healthy body weight, versus trying to sculpt a huge round butt and a 23 inch waist, just to be validated by Instagram likes.  Right?

Think these messages don’t affect you?

Think again.  If you have kids - hell, if you even know a kid - you should care about this A LOT. These are the messages kids and teens are seeing on social media every day. Who do they look up to? YOU. You’re their mom, dad, cool aunt, teacher, mentor, coach. Our actions shape the future, plain and simple. We can’t tell our kids that weight doesn’t matter, but step on a scale every morning. We can’t ask our kids to eat their vegetables while we knock back a glass of Pinot and cheese and crackers for dinner.  We have to get real with ourselves, for ourselves and for the next generation of Rebels, too.

It’s go-time.

Know what’s more powerful than the onslaught of judgmental noise we see on social media; than the never-ending train of spray-tanned, photo-shopped ads? US.

Workout out; eating real, awesome food; celebrating our bodies for how they support us. 8 weeks of slaying empowering workouts, taking our decision-making back, and embracing all our bodies and minds can do. Turning dreams into real plans, with all the supportive energy of revNATION behind us.

Who’s ready to slay the hell out of this next 8 week challenge?

It’s time to show ourselves what we’ve got. To be a leader in changing the way women and men view and talk about their bodies.



“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here, what better time than now?
All hell can’t stop us now.” - Rage Against the Machine