Erin Moraghan runs Revkor™ with her superstar partner Angela Rivard. She is a writer, Revkor™ instructor, yoga teacher, and business-builder. But who really cares? We’re here to talk about kale and muscles. Let’s do this!

If you’re Type-A, this salad might be as hard for you to make as it was for me. 

Oh, I have no doubt that you’re a magician in the kitchen.  But how good are you at asking for help?

During our 2014 Holiday Shred, Angela and I were getting ready to relaunch our brand and grow Revkor™, also keeping busy teaching and prepping for Christmas.  We were both up to our eyeballs in STUFF.

I was born obsessively Type-A and independent.  Asking for help has never been high on my list of things I do well.  Usually if I do enlist assistance I micromanage the poor person until they quit. Charming, isn’t it? One night I was working late into the night on my laptop when my partner offered to make dinner.  Typically the idea of someone rifling through my kitchen to craft me a meal would send me reeling, but I was hungry and on a deadline and either I caved on my Shred and ordered a pizza or let Paul loose in my pantry.

As you can see, the result was superb.  Behold: The Boyfriend Salad.  I have no recipe to share with you, just this little story.

See, when you’re on a mission toward positive change, you need all the love, help and kindness you can get.  In my late thirties I started getting a little better at asking for help, and while it’s never particularly easy, it is entirely life changing.

So if you’re a fellow control-freak, maybe make one of your goals this week to take little steps toward getting better at asking for help, and letting the people who love you help you by saying yes. Yes, I’d love to come over for lunch. Yes, I would love you to bring me a tea.  Yes, it would be awesome if you would vacuum. Yes, yes, yes.

Here’s to Boyfriend (and Girlfriend) Salads abound.

Live fully.