CRUSH your goals.


Summer 2016!

Say hello to your strongest, healthiest self.


Work out: Hit the bands hard as often as you can!

Eat clean: We give you all the tips and support you could dream of.  More details on what we eat here.

Live fully: It’s about balance…this isn’t a detox or cleanse; these are changes for life.

Commit!  Click for more information about how the Revkor Shred works.

The Revkor Summer Shred Kit:

At your request, we’re going back to the formula you loved from our very first Revkor Shred!

Purchase your Revkor Summer Shred Kit online or in-studio (scroll for options) and receive:

1. EXCLUSIVE coaching right to your inbox!

This time, we’ve recruited our very own coaches, mentors and partners to team up - just for you. Each week, you’ll receive exclusive tips, videos, offers and more right to your inbox, only for the Shred crew.  We’ll help you stay on track with your meal prep, band-crushing, and life goals!  With this kind of support, you’ll be ready to take on the world this summer!  A huge value, because we want you to succeed!  As always, the challenge board will be there in-studio to track your visits.

2. A surprise gift-pack - a couple secret treats from Ange + Erin just for Summer 2016 Shredders!  Delivered to the studio and ready for pick-up before April 18th.

Want to kick-start your Shred with a little extra support?  Opt-in to the Week One meal plan from our friends at Galt Juice Company! (scroll down!)  New to Revkor and want food, too?  Purchase Option 3, then add the meal plan only to your cart.

Revkor Cambridge is open 7 days a week -we’ve got you covered for all the Rev you can handle.


Order Shred-friendly meals for Week One!

Courtesy of Galt Juice Company.

Kick-start your Summer Shred!

5 days of super-clean meals.

To boost the start of your Shred, we’ve put together a special Week One Meal Plan that will have you feeling energized, nourished - and best of all - MOTIVATED to eat clean and reach your goals!

Our partners at Galt Juice Company worked with us to design CUSTOM Shred-friendly meals just for us.  You’ll receive all the food you need for each day - aside from dinner - to help you get into the rhythm of healthy eating! We’ll contact you to confirm one of two pick up options:

  1. Pick up at the studio post-class at 7 am Monday April 18 - 22.  We recommend booking your 6:15 am classes online NOW if you will be selecting this option. First come, first served.
  2. Pick up at Galt Juice during business hours.

Scroll up to purchase with your Option 2 Shred kit.  New students?  If you’ve purchased the 8 Week Class Pass (Option 3) above, click here to add your meal plan only or simply “Summer Shred Week 1 MEALS ONLY” to your cart.

Real Results.

Strong on the outside, empowered on the inside!

New to Revkor™ Cambridge?

Perfect time to jump in, crush goals, and get the results you’ve been craving!  We’re located at:

96 Grand Avenue South
Above The Patch!
Cambridge, ON

Shred Questions?

Contact us at!  #SeeYouAtTheBands!