Whip this bad-boy up for lunch or dinner - the whole family will absolutely love it.

We get asked all the time how we make our vegetable noodles.  You can buy a spiralizer for about 50 bucks.  We use one of these handy julienne peelers which cost us about $3…it gets almost as much of a workout as we do revNATION!  This thing is an absolute staple in any clean kitchen.

This is a super light and creamy noodle dish with a sharp tang of lemon.  You can swap the chicken out for salmon or any white fish, or you can ditch the meat all together and make this vegan.  Amp up your protein in a vegan version by adding chickpeas or tempeh - if you eat soy. This recipe serves two.

Make it happen:

  • julienne/spiralize 4 zucchini and a carrot
  • Thinly slice half a red pepper and half a red onion
  • in a tsp of coco oil, sautée carrot with one clove of crushed garlic, onion
  • add sliced cooked chicken and 3 tbsp of ground almonds and heat through. (Almonds provide a Parmesan-like texture - yum!)
  • add juice and zest of one lemon, cracked pepper and sea salt
  • add chopped arugula and cook for one minute
  • add zucchini and sautée for 2 minutes
  • put mixture in a big bowl and stir in one crushed avocado to make a creamy sauce. Add another squeeze of lemon and extra S+P to taste.  Serve immediately.