YOU DID IT!  Congrats!

Since April 7th, 2015, we’ve enjoyed over SEVEN weeks of working out, eating clean, and living fully together as revNATION!

What started as a challenge has simply become a way of life.  We know this because you’ve been telling us that the Revkor Shred has completely changed the way you feed yourselves and your families.

This is why we run this challenge for seven weeks; it’s not a diet, and it’s not a detox.  The Revkor Shred is about building a sustainable, healthy way of nourishing the bodies we’re strengthening every day at the bands for life.  It’s about developing healthier habits and taking the time to choose what we deserve - a ton of goodness.

Congratulations to all of you who participated.  We cried tears of joy reading your stories and seeing the photos you shared with us over the past couple days.  While we can’t wait to announce the winners at tomorrow’s revMASHUP in London, we have to say that you are all heroes in our eyes.

It takes tremendous courage to create positive change; to choose well every single day.  You are the inspiration that keeps the Revkor team trucking along…you have no idea what your energy, your efforts, and your positivity mean to us every single day!

On behalf of us and all Revkor instructors far and wide (and growing every day!), CONGRATS for completing the Revkor Shred!

Ange + Erin