Measure your results like a renegade.

Callipers and measuring tapes?  We’re not specimens, we’re goal-crushers.

We’ve all seen gyms advertise clients losing inches.  So and so lost 17 inches in just 4 weeks!  

To us, it sends a message that the reason we work out is to change the way we look.  

Sure, if you’re a fitness competitor whose goals are mainly aesthetic, then good for you.  But that’s not what fitness is about for most people.

Once you’ve been Revving for a while, you won’t need a scale or anything else to tell you how you look and feel.  If you’ve been Shredding with us, then you know that the results go far greater inches lost.

No diet, detoxes, magic powders or pills.  Revkor is about working out like a warrior, eating clean to fuel your fitness, and living fully so that your healthy lifestyle can be maintained.  FOREVER.

Revvers work out to stand taller, run faster, breathe easier, lift, press, sweat and crush like renegades.  Our fitness isn’t temporary.  We may have arrived to lose baby weight or fit into those old jeans, but we stay because we’ve become champions who want to keep on crushing.

Don’t let a scale or measuring tape dictate your successes to you.  Are you stronger?  Healthier?  Hell yes.  Clothes are fitting better, skin is glowing, energy is soaring.  That’s how Revvers know they’re making things happen.  Keep hitting the bands and working your goals, and don’t let anything stand in your way.

You’ve got this!