Dry Espresso Steak Rub and no red flags.

I love this recipe share for a few reasons.  First, it comes from my friend Steve Cross - a serious Revver and one of the most hardcore creative renegades we know.

Before I give you his killer recipe for one of the best steak rubs going, I’ll use this opportunity to tell you a little story about a huge turning point in my world. A few summers ago, I was hanging with Steve dreaming up big business ideas.  Steve and I first met at one of my favourite places - Monigram Coffee Roasters - and I knew from day one that he was my kind of person.  When you’re a born entrepreneur, most of the world thinks you’re partially insane until one of your good ideas is actually rolling, so Steve and I made good, insane company.

I was lamenting about challenging clients and the horrors of dating in your late 30s, when Steve threw out a statement that hit me right in the gut.  When it comes to people and situations, he said, there should be no red flags.


It didn’t even make sense.  At the time, the title on my business card read “Fixer”.  People with floundering businesses hired me to clean their messes so ultimately, I was surrounded by people who struggle to take responsibility or make their own stuff happen.  I thrived on red flags and the challenge of trying turn shit-shows into something spectacular.  Until this day: because something clicked for me.  We know we’re supposed to listen to our gut, but sometimes life gets too noisy.  I had long been confusing toxicity for excitement.  Steve built such a strong case for turning away from any situation that raised flags, I decided to take his advice to heart.

That’s when Revkor happened.

It didn’t take long.  I started saying no to everything that didn’t feel right in my gut.  Everything. The more I said no to people who gave me uncertain vibes, the more I started to attract better clients.  Within weeks, I actually met Angela.  Angela didn’t have a mess for me to clean up, she had boundless good ideas and an unstoppable energy that made everything inside of me scream YES!

Steve gave me advice that we’re all born knowing: red flags are danger.  When someone’s actions or energy makes us feel strange it’s our own chemistry telling us to bail, NOT to make excuses or repair someone else’s problems.

At the bands, we see people find their fire again all the time.  Feeling strong in our bodies empowers us to make better choices, and staying connected to a killer workout makes it easier to make those positive decisions every single day.  So see what happens when you start saying no to things that aren’t for you.  I guarantee, you’ll be making space for some of the coolest stuff life has in store!

So give me the recipe already.

Steve used Madcat No. 5 espresso from Monigram and a couple of rib eyes from Carl’s at the Cambridge Farmers’ Market.  You’ll love yours even more if you use ingredients from your local faves!



  • ¼ cup fresh espresso grinds (Equivalent to a double shot worth of ground beans)
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons pepper
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder

Directions (Medium Rare)

1. Lightly salt your steak on both sides, rubbing in the salt to lightly cover the steak. This will help season the steak and release its flavour juices.

2. Heavily coat the steak on both sides with the prepared rub. Rub it in. Some will fall off, so it’s important to coat heavily.

3. Don’t cook the steak too long. 1.5” steak is about 6-7 minutes per side on med heat. The grill should be preheated on hi heat for about 10 minutes to help sear the steak and lock the flavour in. Flip the steak only once.

4. When finished cooking, cover steak(s) on a plate with tin foil. Let sit for around 10 min. This will ensure the steaks remain juicy and reabsorb their juices.

5. Portion and serve. Cut portions perpendicular to the grain as it will be easier to cut with the grain when eating.

6. Pair with some grilled veggies/mushrooms and a deep rich red wine that has notes of chocolate, coffee and berries.

7. Share with friends.