Set yourself up for maximum results with your workouts by committing to eating clean.  We’re all about balance…treat yourself to a glass of wine and your favourite indulgences, but maintain consistency with vibrant, healthy food choices.


  • Plan meals. Have an overall plan for your weekly meals. Shop and prep for some of your meals in advance.
  • Portion mindfully. Grab a smaller plate; slow down and chew your food; eat meals in the most distract-free-environment.
  • Don’t let yourself get starving and over-eat.
  • Timing.  Eat every 3-4 hours (3 meals + 2 snacks daily) to rev up metabolism.
  • EAT!  Don’t skip meals.
  • Fuel + Repair.  Plan for proper timing and selection of pre + post workout meals for maximum fuel and muscle recovery.
  • Balanced meals. Ensure you have a protein and fat at every meal and snack to keep your blood sugar in check and your energy levels high.