Sometimes NOT showing up for work is the best way to show up for yourself.

When I was a kid, to my teachers’ ongoing dismay, my mom would regularly peek her head into my classroom with a little tap on the door.  “Erin has a dentist appointment!”  We’d hop in the car and drive.  We’d go to pumpkin patches, art museums, out-of-the-way bistros.  Sometimes we’d drive and drive and just sit by a random river with ice cream.

The things I learned on those random “free pass” days have shaped who I am far more than anything I gleaned in a classroom.  I learned the difference between Art Nouveau and Art Deco, discovered the magic taste of an apple right off the tree, and developed an appreciation for architecture, farming, and conservation.  I learned how to read a map - and when to put a map away and just get lost.

In some ways, the free spirit that resulted caused me some trouble along the way.  I’m not a good follower of rules and am entirely not employable.  I refuse to work on someone else’s schedule and will bail on just about anything if the weather is calling me on a hike/road trip/patio latte.

These days, I am surrounded by fellow dreamers and work with people who embrace adventure.  People who know that shaking things up is the only way to make big things happen.  This is how Revkor™ is being built - on dreams and a belief in the wonders of full, vibrant living.

You prove the same principles true every single day when you step up to the bands.  We have to take courageous leaps in order to grow, change, and collide with opportunity.  We have to go to places we’ve never been before.

We’re not trying to get you fired or anything…but why don’t we start a movement together?

Let’s embrace the idea of an occasional free pass to let ourselves explore.  Let’s pull out of our routine once in a while and see what happens, even if it’s only for a short few moments.  Instead of eating a sandwich at the office, grab a smoothie and window shop, phone-free.  Take a personal day and head to the country, exploring a random trail.  Get lost in your own city and have lunch by yourself somewhere fabulous.

By playing a little hooky from our regular routines, we give ourselves a chance to play, grow, and be surprised.  Who knows what you’ll discover or what incredible person you might meet?  Who knows how your future will change?




Erin Moraghan runs Revkor™ with her superstar partner Angela Rivard. She is a writer, Revkor™ instructor, yoga teacher, and business-builder. But who really cares? We’re here to talk about kale and muscles. Let’s do this!