Timing your meals and snacks with your workouts is imperative.  Did you know that what you eat before your workout is different from what your body needs after?  Feel energized and strong during your workouts, then feed your body and its muscles the goodness it needs to build, restore and replenish.


Consume a snack 1-2 hours before your workout offering your body and brain the fuel it needs to crush your Revkor™ workout! This means some carbohydrates, and a bit of protein and fat.

Examples of pre-workout fuel:

  • Apple and your favourite nut butter
  • Gluten free toast with almond butter and honey
  • Fried egg on toast with avocado
  • Fresh berries and almonds
  • Hard boiled egg, rice crackers and veggies


You MUST provide your body with post-workout fuel within 30 minutes. No exceptions. Your muscles need to be properly supplemented to rebuild. If you have fuelled up properly with whole foods before your workout, often times a smoothie with protein is the perfect solution.  We prefer plant-based, non-dairy proteins.  It it’s close to meal time, cook up a protein-packed dish within 30 minutes to feed those Rev-licious muscles!