Ready to Shred?

Keep it simple.  It’s about using common sense to: eat clean, commit to workouts, and have a little fun in between so that the whole thing feels like a lifestyle you can keep!

Stay tuned to your inbox.

If you’re new to Shred, you may be wondering what’s next.  EVERY SUNDAY you’ll receive an email right to your inbox.  These emails are designed to set the stage for a focused and successful week ahead and feature recipes, goal-setting motivation, live-fully inspiration and more.  You will want to read these emails thoroughly…it will be a lot of content so try not to read it when you’re rushed.  Make yourself a tea and put your feet up for 15 minutes, going through the weekly content and maybe writing down some of your reflections on the past week and setting goals for the week to come.

Shred-ify your kitchen!

The number one thing you can do to set yourself up for Shred-crushing!  Click here for all the ways you can get your fridge and pantry ready to support your goals.

Read our blog.

There are loads of tips on our blog - click here!  If you want to get a head start, dig in.  From recipes to workout tips to full-living motivation, you’ll find lots of inspiration!  Spend your next coffee break reading through and getting prepped!

Take “before” photos.

SO many people finish Shred and regret not taking photos along the way. So often Shredders tell us they didn’t realize their incredible progress until they saw their photos side by side.  Take photos before you begin and continue taking them along the way…these are for YOU!  You don’t have to share.  We always give away killer prizes (announcements soon!) so you may choose to share your photo progress and stories at the END of Shred - we’ll see!


If you’re not a writer, that’s ok!  This doesn’t have to be a big “Dear Diary” extravaganza.  A little journal kept by your bedside will help you keep track of your goals, successes and ideas along the way.  We all know that writing goals down makes them more likely to manifest…so why not give it a try?

The basics.

Need a refresher on the basic shred guidelines?  Find a quick overview here.  Remember that Shred highlights these three facets:

  1. WORK OUT:  YOU set the goals…not us!  How many times do YOU want to work out each week?  Totally new to fitness?  You may want to set a goal of three times a week…what feels right for you?  Are you a Rev veteran?  Your goals may be different…packing in 3 high-intensity and 2-3 no-impact classes weekly, or perhaps focusing specifically on building muscle, endurance, or focus.
  2. EAT CLEAN: You can find our basic guidelines here, but we find that eating whole, nutritious food and eliminating packaged, processed foods delivers the best results.  Become more considerate of what goes in our bodies. Thinking of food as:
    1. Fuel – for your life and your workouts.

    2. Recovery – helping you build muscle and maximize your efforts at the bands.

    3. Vibrancy – real, nutritious food can help transform inside and out.

    4. Delicious – healthy food can also be decadent and wonderful!

    5. Fun! We’re all on-the-go every day but taking a little time each week to enjoy cooking and eating with the people we love…what could be better?

  3. LIVE FULLY: Keeping things balanced by incorporating your favourite treats and taking time for fun and self-care. This way we can maintain our commitment to strong, vibrant living!

Worried about cravings?  Start now.

Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy tend to be the most difficult things to reduce.  You may want to ease into this and start as soon as possible.  Many Revvers have found it helpful to take some of the following steps:

  • CAFFEINE JUNKIE? If you’re a serious coffee drinker, you may expect headaches, tiredness, and serious irritation if you eliminate cold-turkey.  Consider reducing your intake now if you plan on following the Shred plan and reducing your caffeine.  Many people find that reducing coffee reduces bloating, so it’s worth it!  We always recommend drinking excellent coffee instead of the drive-thru kind.  One good cup of quality java as a treat is far better!
  • SWEET TOOTH? Us too!  Reducing refined sugar can really boost your results!  As with coffee, you might feel tired and headachy when cutting it out.  Take notice this week, and make efforts to grab a piece of fruit instead of a sugary snack…or make a cup of soothing herbal tea instead.  If you’re a pop/soda drinker, eliminating this completely is good for so many reasons.  Wean yourself slowly this week.
  • COCKTAIL HOUR… This one is simple.  Reducing alcohol intake will improve your sleep, increase your vibrancy and energy, and support excellent physical Shred results.  Start thinking of this now…selecting one glass of good quality wine instead of knocking a bottle (box?) down the hatch!

Reward yourself! The sticker board is just the start…

Decide how many classes you want to attend weekly and track your success on the sticker board.  During Shred you’ll want to seriously reward your hard work in new and healthy ways!  We often reward a hard day’s work with comfort food.  Instead, choose a juicy novel, a solo evening walk, or tea with a friend.

This will be tough…but you’ve got this.

Nothing worth having comes in a snap.  This is going to take hard work and daily commitment.  We know you have what it takes!  Let’s do this revNATION!