Holiday Shred 2016 Revver Natalie…

On how she balances it all AND shreds the bands, the waves, and CRUSHES life in general.

Why did the bands feel different for you?  Why did the workout stick?

Immediately following my first few Rev workouts, I could feel my muscles reacting.  I was the typical beginner, concentrating on clipping my bands on properly and using the right resistance for each sequence.  What I quickly realized was how much stronger I felt – and that feeling increased with each class.  RevMix classes became my favourite and I would start to challenge myself to improve my strength – adding more reps to my donkey push-ups, getting lower on my squats, pushing through those mountain climbers at an increasingly faster pace.  I could see results after only a few weeks and outside of the studio, I would find myself running up stairs and carrying even more heavy grocery bags without struggling.  I just felt strong!  

Was there ever a time when fitness was not part of your life?  What changed?

I played sports all of my life but have never been a fan of the gym.  After I had my two boys, I struggled with finding time for exercise.  I felt guilty leaving them and in my spare time I would clean the house and cook meals, trying to be the ‘perfect’ mom.  I was tired and trying to live up to unrealistic goals.  I was travelling regularly for work, away from home 3-4 days a week.  My husband, who has always made time for staying fit, helped me realize that in order to give my best to my family, I also had to take care of me.  He understood how much I really love to play team sports and encouraged me to join a competitive volleyball team.  Thanks to his support, I found my way back to fitness.  Since then I have played womens and co-ed volleyball, ball hockey, joined a bootcamp, attended a crossfit training facility, completed a ‘Tough Mudder’, learned how to surf and now have become a dedicated ‘Revver’. 

What are the main “obstacles” of you getting to class? How have you found your way through, over, or under them?

My only obstacles, other than the occasional work travel, are excuses – too busy, too tired, my son took the car, it’s too cold to go out or the dog needs me.  For me, planning is key.  It’s all about time management, setting goals /priorities and having supportive family and friends.  I’m lucky to have my friend Sue attend classes with me and we motivate one another to work hard.  My employer is flexible and provides me with great work/life balance.  And I am so fortunate to have such an amazing family that cheers me on and celebrates my successes. 

What message are hoping your boys get from you taking time for yourself, by coming to class and even heading to Revkor Band Camp in Costa Rica and shredding it on the waves? 

Be healthy and strong.  No matter how busy life gets, always take time out to do something that makes you feel good.  Communicate your goals, challenge yourself, push your limits and positively support each other.  Continue to learn new things and surround yourself with positive people.  Smile, be happy, always have fun and feel good about yourself. Revkor classes are so much fun.  Ange has created an incredible community of people who love fitness, live a healthy lifestyle, share their stories and recipes and are friendly and non-intimidating.  This group does more than just workout together – they are my RevFamily.  This is the ultimate place to work out, get strong, crush your goals, stay motivated and hang out with an awesome community of people!

Keep crushing it Natalie!!  See you soon at the bands!