Live Unapologetically.

If Thanksgiving is supposed to be a celebration of all we’re grateful for, why do we beat ourselves up for enjoying every minute of it?

By now your Facebook feed is probably full of posts about food-regret and ways to jog off that turkey and stuffing.

As most of you know, our Revkor Manifesto is: Work out. Eat clean. Live fully. 

It’s not Work out. Eat Clean. Feel like crap about enjoying your life.

We’re all about the Revkor Reset.  

Revvers live life to the fullest…we work hard at the bands so that we can enjoy a balanced life.  We hit our workouts with positivity.  We put good effort into eating clean as best we can.  And we also embrace balance by including the other things we love into our lives!

How blessed are we to have family and friends to enjoy big delicious meals with? How lucky to share fabulous evenings over good wine and conversation!  We’ve found a workout that gives us a strong, conditioned body and one of the main benefits of that is knowing that you can indulge from time-to-time because your body has become a lean and healthy magic machine!  It bounces back instantly, no matter how hard you went to town on Aunt Janet’s pumpkin pie.  Let’s say good bye to food/fun guilt…it’s pointless!   Let’s just keep moving forward, each and every day.

Get to the bands.  Eat clean as best you can. And live the hell out of your life.

Here’s a reminder of our top ways to reset this fall, and stay tuned, because our infamous Revkor Holiday Shred starts in November as we get ready to hit 2016 with our strongest self, inside and out.

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving!

Ange, Erin and the Rev team.