You signed up for the Revkor Shred - you are clearly hardcore and committed to seeing results! Is it practical to think you won’t consume any alcohol for 8 weeks?!?

In an ideal world the best way to make the most of your Shred efforts is to lay off the sauce for the full Shred. But this is why our manifesto is work out, eat clean, LIVE FULLY.  It’s all about balance!

The goal is to feel as great as you possibly can, without feeling deprived of a little fun and rev-style badassery.  A couple of cocktails a week will not throw you off your game.  More than that?  It’s your call - if you want killer results, it’s all in your hands.  Luckily we have some recommendations, just in time for #FreePassFriday!

Our top recommendations for Shred Happy Hour:

  • Beer and sugary cocktails are a no-go.  Hi.  Can you say bloated?
  • Splurge on a killer glass of quality red and savour it.
  • Add soda and lime to a glass of dry white and enjoy it a little longer : )
  • Be sure to have a full glass of water with lemon along with your drink of choice
  • Vodka on ice or with sparkling water and citrus is a great clean choice.

Focus on the positive.

Instead of feeling bummed out that you’re not sporting a red wine moustache like your besties, focus on the fact that you’ll be hangover free in the morning and ready to crush jump lunges and Beaton bicep curls!

Ultimate Spiced Christmas Rum Cocktail:

This is a cocktail you’ll want to savour!  We made this one during last year’s Shred and enjoyed one each while we put the tree up.  Festive and delicious with a rev-style kick!

  • Brew a strong pot of chai tea.  We used Hindu Holiday Rooibos Blend from Bellocq Tea
  • Add 1.5 ounces of Kracken Spiced Rum to a snifter or rocks glass
  • Add two slices of orange and 3 whole cloves per glass and a dash of cinnamon
  • Top with hot tea and enjoy!