Tackling the kitchen like we mean it.

If setting yourself up for success in the kitchen feels like a grind, you need to read this.  We’re way more likely to crush something when we feel great about it!

Revvers always tell us that they continue to work out at the bands because they love it.  Instead of dreading workouts, you actually found a workout you love - a place to come sweat that’s fun and lifts you up.  So how can we bring that same feeling to our kitchens?

Here are our top ways to LOVE and crush meal prep. We’re sharing these because we know that when you LOVE to do something, it’s far easier to turn it into a habit that sticks, and healthy habits are what it’s all about.

  1. Take it Back!  Just like the first step of the Rebellion, take back meal prep! Planning meals shouldn’t feel like an obligation, and we should never feel like we’re dieting.  Preparing food is one of the most simple, fundamentally enjoyable things we can do.  Let’s put all the positivity we’ve got into it and LOVE that we’re taking time to nourish ourselves!
  2. Crank the tunes!  There’s nothing we love more than a killer playlist at the bands, and it’s no different in the kitchen!  Turn it up and enjoy the process.
  3. Plan.  Knowing exactly what you want to make in advance, shopping for ingredients, and being prepared makes it all come together easily.  be sure to have enough clean jars and containers on hand to store all your stuff!
  4. Be real.  There’s no need to make elaborate show-stopping meals or try and fit the entire week’s worth of food prep into one night.  Start with a small goal - like preparing 3-4 things - and go from there.
  5. Sticker-factor! Know that feeling of throwing a sticker on the board after a killer workout?  We need to remember to feel THAT accomplished after a meal prep session.  Why not reward ourselves with a few things that make time in the kitchen fun, like a beautiful new cookbook or great quality chef’s knife?
  6. Grab-and-go.  Invest the time during meal-prep to make it easier for ourselves later - we know we’re always on the go! Remember to portion and prep containers so lunches and snacks are easy.
  7. Keep it delish.  Part of eating well is enjoying the food we make. Let’s not make things we don’t love just because they’re “good for us”.
  8. Enlist your crew!  Make big batches and swap with a fellow Revver!  Or get some help in the kitchen and turn it into a family or social event.