BS-free ways to eat what we should.

Advice like “get more sleep” and “build willpower”, are great nuggets of wisdom but we dare you to tell us these things when we’re craving a salty, chocolatey treat.

Here are our top ways to give a craving the finger:

  • Brush your teeth. If you’re like us, you crave something sweet seconds after a meal. We asked ourselves WHY and wondered….could this just be a desire to cleanse the palate?  We’ve found that brushing teeth works in about 75% of post-meal chocolate cravings….that’s big!
  • Lemon Water.  Similar to the above theory…we tried having a glass of H20 with a squeeze of fresh lemon after a meal or during that afternoon slump. The lemon cleanses the palate, the water hydrates…coffee or treat craving averted most of the time!
  • Splurge Prep.  Because we know we have a sweet tooth and a salt obsession, we try to set ourselves up for success by using our Sunday night to prep one treat that covers both categories, so we have a healthier options all week long. There’s nothing wrong with a super-clean occasional treat, and it’s a hell of a lot better than diving for junk food. Clean splurge recipes all over this blog!
  • Beat the Booze Factor.  Drinking can sabotage our results by messing with our blood sugar, interrupting sleep, reducing clarity and the list goes on. We’re not saying don’t indulge, but remember a drink is a splurge. If you know you’re having cocktails, stock the fridge with hydration and healthy options and commit to not having a milkshake and bacon cheeseburger for breakfast.
  • Savour it.  We love to try treats and desserts when we’re guests for dinner. We might opt for a smaller serving if it feels polite, but whatever we do, we savour it and love it, guilt-free.  It’s a treat, so enjoy.
  • RIGHT NOW.  We try to make it about the moment. Saying “I’m never eating brownies ever again” might sound like a terrible, doom-filled future if brownies are your jam.  Instead we might say, “I love brownies but right now I’m on a mission, so no brownies just for RIGHT NOW.”

WABAM! Tell us your own tricks, Rebels!