Canadian’s love summer weekends.

After all, our summer is like 5 seconds long.  Living healthy doesn’t mean we won’t revel in good times.  What does set us apart is that we’ll be among the few people who don’t feel like total sh!t Sunday night - who’s with us?


Knowing what our challenges will be before the weekend rolls up means we’re better prepared to crush. We asked Revvers for their top reasons for falling off the goal train:

  1. Peer Pressure: Kids aren’t the only ones who crumble…this was actually the top answer by a landslide.  “I feel lame having a soda water or a single cocktail when everyone else is indulging around the campfire. I don’t want to feel like the odd man out.”  Feel familiar?
  2. Temptation: If you’re cottage-bound, odds are friends and family will be firing up the barbecue and with cocktails flowing dock-side.  Hard to resist?  “My brother in law makes the world’s best ribs every May 24, I can’t imagine saying no.”
  3. Manners:  No one wants to feel like the annoying health fiend at the party, munching on carrot sticks and seed mix.  “It feels rude bringing my own meals when I’m a guest at someone’s cottage for the weekend.”



  1. Get Real: We’re not here to tell you that you can let it rip all weekend long then press the Reset button Tuesday morning.  While it’s true that we can always choose a fresh start when we need one, part of being hardcore is making tough choices and going the extra mile.  We already know that success comes with hard work and dedication, there’s no getting around this.  When it comes to our healthy living goals, we get back what we invest, plain and simple.
  2. Be Real: At the same time, life is for living.  If you’re doing the Revkor Rebellion, you’ve probably joined our Facebook group and listened to Registered Dietician Justine Horne talk about the 80-20 rule in her video.  Creating sustainable, healthy habits for life means means setting ourselves up for success from the outside. It’s not realistic to launch a plan where we indulge in none of the things we love.  If we’re making super-smart food choices 80-90% of the time, we’re on the right track. Let’s remember though, that 10-20% splurge-factor?  This includes alcohol.
  3. Eat Real:  One of the easiest ways to keep it together when we’re cottage-bound is to focus on eating really real food and loading up the veggies at every chance.  The worst foods for us are generally  the ones that come off an assembly line and into a package.  Avoiding processed and packaged items extends beyond food.  Coolers and pre-mixed cocktails are loaded with crap.  Scroll down for happy hour inspiration.


A few splurges a week will not throw you off your game.  More than that?  It’s your call - if we want killer results, it’s all in our hands.  

Rebel Happy Hour:

  • If you’re going balls-out to the max with your challenge, don’t drink. #SorryNotSorry!
  • Beer and sugary cocktails are ideally a no-go.  Hi.  Can you say bloated?
  • Splurge on a killer glass of quality red and savour it.
  • Add soda and lime to a single glass of white wine and WABAM! Suddenly it’s 2 drinks 😉
  • Have a full glass of water with lemon along with your drink of choice. #HydrationCircles
  • Vodka on ice or with sparkling water and citrus is a great clean choice.

Rebel Vacay Eats:

  • Want something off the grille?  Who doesn’t! Make sure it’s quality stuff though.  Low quality frozen burgers can be loaded with fillers and rando ingredients.  Same with condiments.
  • If you love those ribs, have a few instead 2 racks, and load up the rest of your plate with salad and raw veggies.
  • Grab a burger off the grill, top with quality cheese and savour it.
  • Splurge on what you love and balance it out with healthy choices. 80-20, crew!  90-10 during Rebellion if you can!  Show yourself what you’ve got.

Rebel Smarts:

  • Instead of feeling bummed out that you’re not sporting a red wine moustache around the campfire like your besties, focus on the fact that you’ll GET to wake up hangover free for an early morning run at the beach!
  • Remember when you don’t eat that entire vat of 6 layer dip you’ll GET to not pass out in a food coma and wake up with an epic case of SCR (Sour Cream Regret).

Rebel Moves:

  • We don’t need to freak out about missing the bands if we’re away for the weekend. Use this time for rest and recovery, and a chance to live fully in nature.
  • Since you didn’t drink the whole box of beer, hop out of bed before your crew and head out for a hike or a run on the beach!
  • If you’re a cottage owner, you know chopping wood, fixing the dock and maintaining the property offers a serious workout too.
  • Head out for a paddle, work in the garden, soak up the sun.


Here’s to an awesome weekend, Rebels!!  Staying local?  We’ll see you at the bands 😉