THIS is how Rebels face a new day.

In my mid 30s, I committed to Julia Cameron’s simple concept of Morning Pageshand-writing 3 pages of random thoughts each morning.  It doesn’t matter what goes on those pages, what’s important for me is just getting some of the noise out of my mind so I can tackle the day with some focus.  As life became busier, this didn’t feel possible every day. While I still love this habit and can crush it a couple times weekly, what’s absolutely non-negotiable for me every morning is the Five Minute Journal.

For me, some form of journalling and connecting with myself every morning is non-negotiable when it comes to keeping my sanity. 

Morning Pages are tough, because mornings are bananas. For most people, the start of the day is filled with other people’s needs and a race with the clock, so finding time to sit for 15 minutes of journalling can seem self-indulgent and full-on impossible.  Lately, I’ve been using Tim Ferris’ book Tools of Titans to help me sit long enough to focus on my journalling.  I read a couple pages for inspo, then grab my pen.

Tools of Titans is filled with success tips from zillions of brilliant super-champs Ferris has interviewed, along with his own reflections and gems. This morning my random flip opened the book to Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock’s feature, where he mentions a t-shirt given to him at an Avatar event.  The James Cameron quote on the shirt stopped me in my tracks:

Hope is not a strategy.
Luck is not a factor.
Fear is not an option.

Here’s the deal:

  1. We can’t hang around hoping for things to happen. All the faith in the world is nothing without the balls to step - even an inch at a time - closer to the outcomes we hope for.  The only one who can do the stepping is us, so there’s nothing and no one to wait for and the moment to go for it is this one.
  2. As for luck, it doesn’t matter how many horseshoes and lucky shamrocks you’ve got socked away, magic is not at the helm of badassery.  Have we ever heard the world’s most successful people raving about how lucky they’ve been on their journey to crushing? There’s a reason most success stories start in the gutter.  Making shit happen is about climbing out of the muck 99% of the time. Sometimes the muck is a pretty little rain puddle, other times it’s a huge pile of buffalo doo-doo.  Crushers know how to climb.
  3. Fear? This one’s a given.  While it’s good to be frightened of legit terrors like zombies, centipedes, and the current state of politics, we can’t be afraid of initiative. We know what we want for ourselves, but the journey to get there is tough. Morning pages - or whatever our start-of-day rituals are - can help us define and face our fears so we can keep our eye on the prize.

We don’t want to create the illusion that every morning starts strong - you’re not the only one who leaves the house covered in spilled coffee, cat fur and F-bombs. It’s about setting ourselves up for success the best we can, and committing to our A-Game.  Ferris says the most successful people he’s interviewed start their days with everything from meditation to their favourite songs on repeat.  We thought we’d share what has been easiest and most realistic for us:

Work out.  

A morning workout is a killer way to start the day, but not everyone can hit up a class first thing. Consider shooting for more morning workouts, even if it’s only on weekends.  Studies show that those who start the day with fitness are more likely to stick to their fitness goals (the benefit of routine), experience improved metabolism and make more conscious food choices throughout the day. They sleep better, perform better on the job, and even display fewer instances of depression.  If you’re a night owl like me, think about simply stretching in the morning for a couple minutes while your coffee brews…get that blood flowing superstar!  Who cares if your family looks at you funny in those side-bends, they probably thought you were weird already anyway 😉

Eat real food.

A rockstar of a day simply doesn’t start with throwing a bunch of crap down the hatch. Similar in concept to a morning workout, research proves that healthy food choices in the morning are more likely to result in smart eating all day long. We love starting our day with lemon water and a hot, black tea or coffee while we journal, and we’re fans of a protein and healthy fat-loaded first meal of the day. We’re big believers these days in intermittent fasting (we choose to eat within an eight hour window each day), so whenever your first meal is, choose it like a champ and set the stage for a powerful day! Our faves? Bacon, eggs, and sautéed veggies! Or how about our delicious pancakes with a side of left-over steak and greens? Yes please!

Live fully.

It’s no secret that the most successful people have morning rituals.  When we take time to look at our goals and visualize achievements in the morning, we’re way more likely to conquer. Truth! Whatever your morning looks like, we think it’s important to take even one minute to frame the day in a positive way. 



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