From undercover to Shred Star!

In Cambridge, we’ve always had a Facebook group where Revvers could share recipes, laughs, and support.  Some time ago, our Facebook group suddenly stepped up its humour game. A mystery Revver had us all in stitches with her dry humour and hilarious observations.  Who was this super-clever band groupie?  We had no idea…her Facebook photo was a cartoon and her profile seemed to contain zero pictures of her actual self.  After a week or two, our whole crew was wondering – who is she?

Finally the mystery Revver posted that she’d forgotten an umbrella after class, which I held hostage until she claimed it from me personally.  To my surprise, Amanda came to the desk to claim it - a seriously quiet and unforgettable person I had seen come in and out of the studio without a word for months.  Over the last year, a lot has changed.  Maybe we’ll let Amanda tell you her version of the story first:

“So, a year ago I was fat, sad, and lifting weights in my basement. I had no friends, rarely went out, and could not have been more depressed. I couldn’t even do a squat so I was failing pretty hard at the weightlifting. I decided maybe some yoga would help me become more limber. After some research, I found a studio and accidentally ended up signing up for a revMIX class. I bumbled angrily through my first class (in the back corner) and the next week I went back for more. I mostly kept my head down, did my workout and went home.


After a few months of talking to no one I joined the Revkor group on Facebook. My severe social anxiety makes it easier to communicate with people when they’re not face to face. It wasn’t until a very special lady named Erin reached out and told me she had noticed me ghosting in and out of the place and told me she thought I was badass that things started to change. I started being aware that people could see me. I tried here and there to make conversation (I *f-bomb* hate small talk) and then suddenly - I had friends. 


Revkor Cambridge is home. It’s a place that feels welcoming and where I can be me and not feel bad about it. I’m not sad anymore, I have friends and a place where I can workout and not feel awkward (even though I am) I have places to go and people who like me just the way I am and I couldn’t have gone through any of these changes without each and every member of the Revkor community. My physical health and mental health have never been better.”

So that’s Amanda’s version of the story.  What’s ours?  Amanda’s quiet drive and perseverance has inspired so many Revvers all around her to stick with the bands.  Her physical results speak for themselves.  What you probably can’t see in the pictures is all the rest.  We’ve all watched Amanda become empowered by her own strength.  For anyone who’s ever had social anxiety or felt depressed, you know that sometimes just showing up somewhere is even harder than the toughest minute at the bands.  Amanda has turned this around. We know it’s never easy for her but she pushes herself daily.

Amanda fit right into our motley crew (though she continues to resist the kindness) and though she would deny it for days, she is a serious leader.

If you’ve ever felt too eccentric/artsy/introverted/angry/crazy/different for the group fitness scene, Amanda is here to show you that the bands are a place for anyone.  She was a hands-down winner in the 2015 Holiday Shred, and a fixture at the bands who brightens each of our days (much to her ongoing dismay).

This week marked Amanda’s one year anniversary at the bands, and we are blown away by her transformation on every possible level.  Happy Reviversary Wheels!  Your whole Rev Crew thinks you’re one hell of a hero.