Alright revNATION, we hear you loud and clear!  Some of you have a bad case of the PSBs, and who can blame you?  We’d be lying if we said that we aren’t also pining for the days of sticker boards and crazy Shred-season energy.

Revkor Shred runs 8 weeks long for a reason: so that healthy habits become a lifestyle.  Hanging on to that lifestyle though isn’t easy, but guess what?  You’re tough stuff, and you can do it.

If you think you’re the only one who’s fallen off the Shred-rails, guess again.  Does this sound familiar?

Wowieee!  I really crushed that Shred!  I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in YEARS.  I’m going to celebrate with poutine and a pitcher of beer.  Maybe I’ll see a movie this Saturday instead of Revving.  You know, it’s not that big of a deal to order the extra large popcorn at the movies.  I mean, corn is a WHOLE GRAIN.  Wow.  I’m feeling bloated, I think I’m going to skip revMIX this morning and watch Making a Murderer on Netflix in my track pants.   Just one episode.  Ok three - because really, this is important world news, it would be IRRESPONSIBLE not to know how this story plays out.  Know what goes really well with Netflix?  Pizza.  Oh geez.  Look what I’ve done with my results.  I let myself down - just when I was totally getting somewhere.  I’m such a colossal weenie. I can’t get anything right.  Booohoooooooooo.

C’mon Revvers, it’s time to remember what we’re made of!  We’ve watched you sweat your way through hours of game-changing moves at the bands, there’s no one better than you at crushing challenges and climbing hurdles.  FACT.

Here’s our top ways to cure a bad case of the PSBs.  Have your own?  Comment below and boost your fellow Revvers!

  1. THE REVKOR RESET.  It never gets old.  Read that post every single day if you have to.  It doesn’t matter how many workouts we miss or how dirty last night’s dinner was.  Just. Go. Forward.
  2. STEP UP.  Boost your confidence by taking the lead and supporting others.  Share a recipe with fellow Revvers, or throw out a few encouraging words and watch how the reciprocal vibe re-energizes you instantly.
  3. SET YOUR OWN GOALS.  Have a journal?  Commit to yourself in writing - studies prove that the act of putting a goal on paper makes us way more likely to achieve it.  4 classes each week?  5 more mountain climbers than yesterday?  Time to lift those heels in boat?  Whatever your goals, promise yourself you’ve got them covered and go make it happen.  Log your successes and give yourself a massive high-five.  Even make your own sticker board!  Support yourself because you’re awesome.
  4. VALUE + REWARD YOURSELF.  Start seeing yourself the way we do: incredibly badass and deserving of all things awesome. Let’s do our best to stop seeing crappy food as a reward because really, you deserve the best.  Indulge in the good stuff - actual, DELICIOUS food.  Choose a real homemade burger with old cheddar instead of drive-thru.  Take a Free Pass Friday, or chill at home with a glass of wine and a delicious new recipe.  Make your rewards high-quality.
  5. SEE YOUR SUCCESS.  At the bands, and in life.  See yourself achieving your goals and go make it happen.  Don’t let anything stand in your way, but DO be ready for awesome surprises along the way. When we decide we’re ready for all the good sh*t life has in store for us, there’s no telling where we land. #truth.
  6. BE CREATIVE.  Try classes we don’t typically attend.  Take a new path on your favourite trail.  Think creatively…making stuff makes us feel human.  Make food, write a story, or paint a room.  These are the things that unstick us and get our inspiration flowing.
  7. EAT GOOD FOOD.  Stay committed to clean eating.  Let’s choose it every day.  Just your luck: we’ve posted three new recipes on the blog with your name on ’em!  Get them here:
  8. BUCKLE UP.  Have we ever let you get bored?  If there’s one thing you can count on us for, it’s a good time.  Whether it’s jumping around in unitards, singing your heart out to 80s hits, trudging through the mud for charity, or surprising you with crazy new moves, we can say with confidence that this is the least boring workout world we’ve ever been part of.  Who knows what we have up our sleeves?


#SeeYouAtTheBands renegades.  You’ve got this PSB thing covered…we know it!