Should we get real about what’s standing in our way?

If we’re taking it back, there’s no holds barred! How can we get out of our own way to find amped up results and the healthy lifestyle we want?

A Rebel’s Reality Check.

We’re throwin’ down the top eight ways we stand in the way of our own goal-crushing, and we’re willing to bet some of these hit home with you too. Ready to face it head-on, together?

Success Sabotage: Face it head-on.

1. I can eat what I want because I work out like a machine!

Maybe you can, pizza-monster!  But for most, this isn’t the case. There’s no dodging the impact of healthy, balanced meals. The sooner we get really real about the HUGE role food plays in our health, the sooner we’ll see and feel the results we’re looking for.  We can do all the workouts we want, but for most people with the average metabolism, food plays a bigger role in determining our weight, plain and simple. Food is everything!

2. I deserve it.

It’s been a long day. We didn’t have an afternoon snack, and maybe we missed dinner altogether, racing around with errands or last minute work projects. After a day like that, don’t we deserve a big glass of wine with a huge bowl of extra-cheesy lasagna and garlic bread? 

Actually, we deserve food that will nourish us, and a workout to help get the blood flowing!  Don’t fall into the indulgent trap, it’s a vicious cycle that’s tough to break. Odds are you’re tackling this one right now - use your Rev Crew to support you along the way. We’re all in the same boat. Often times we indulge because we’ve been skipping meals. The hungrier we are, the more likely we are to want to indulge and satiate that hanger!

3. Blame-game.

One of the most badass, renegade things we can do is own up to our own sh!t.  We all know people who blame their problems on everyone from their boss to the guy making their morning latte.  Isn’t it draining? But what if we’re doing the same thing in more subtle ways?  We all do it. Whose fault is it when we miss a workout? Traffic. Weather. Our kids.  Huge meal splurge…who’s to blame? The restaurant’s menu. The intoxicating smell of onion rings. The cheese industry for existing.  Starting today, we take responsibility and own up. We’re strong enough for that, right hardcores?

4. I’m a cardio junkie.

We can thank the 80s and 90s for this. Back in the day, we suited up in lycra and slouch sox to sweat our calories away. Did you know that - especially for women - too much cardio can actually squash your results? Non-stop cardio can raise your cortisol levels, messing with hormones and making your body believe it’s in distress. We could hold on to weight as a survival response because, back in the day, a jacked up heart-rate meant we were being chased by a sabertooth tiger and might need to hide up a tree for 3 days without food. I’m making this up, but you catch my drift. 

Cardio-junkies are also often so focused on going fast and furious in their workouts, they miss the chance to find controlled, safe, effective form. This means we’re doing half-assed movements, with less or no benefit, while putting ourselves at greater risk for injury.  There is such a thing as too much cardio, revNATION. Bandge and Big E love 1-2 cardio workouts weekly, max! What works best for you?

5. I’m here so it counts, right?

There’s no question that some days it’s tougher to show up for workouts than others. But if you’re not seeing the results you’re looking for, are you truly arriving at the bands?  Doing movements without attention to form, or truly contracting the muscles you’re working, could potentially be wasting your precious workout time. Fix this by practicing contracting and softening individual muscles and muscle groups. Like we always say, without the body-awareness to contract a muscle, you’re likely never giving that muscle a really full workout.  Every rep should invite the burn!!! 

6. I’ll food-prep next week. 

There’s no question life is crazy, but we feel even more frazzled when we’re hungry or feeling defeated by our lack of access to healthy meals and snacks. Preparing food is a huge part of self-care. Let’s take the time to make sure we’ve prepped what we need -  it increased our chances of succeeding at our goals infinitely!

7. I’ve hit a plateau.

There is no such thing as a plateau at Revkor, we’ve designed the workout so this never happens. If you feel this way, only you can change it. If you’re not feeling new challenges or increased results, it’s up to you to notice if you’re hitting workouts on autopilot.  Using the same resistance each day, not being present during movements, and not fully listening to the instructor puts us all at risk for results that fall flat. Not sure how to mix things up? Talk to your instructor about changing up your class schedule, resistance levels, and improving your form. We’re here to help!

8. The wine stays!

No problem! But don’t expect to see and feel huge changes.  We can’t beat around the bush on this one, revNATION, the number one success sabotage we see for our crew is booze. Want proof? Check out why we love to go dry, and challenge yourself to feel the difference. We don’t make up the rules, we just tell it like it is!

If we want to truly see just how kick-ass we can feel, and prove just how far we’re willing to go for our own wellbeing, let’s get real about each of these success-blockers and embrace honesty. It’s what the Take-Back is all about!