The ultimate Crew.

If you’ve ever made big life-style shifts then you already know about this week’s Rebel truth: the people we let in have a major impact on our success.  This week we check in with how our Crew impacts our world and remember to use The BIG Force to stay focused on crushing.

Yo mama.

Sticking to super-healthy eating is bound to piss people off, and this isn’t really that surprising.  Food is an expression of love, comfort, tradition, and culture, so it’s bound to get personal.  Saying no to your mom’s lasagna or your  Grandma’s Nanaimo Bars? Don’t expect a high-five…we’ve seen this sh!t get downright ugly.  Hopefully most of your crew are pumped for your goals, but things can get damaging when passive aggressive comments start rolling.

Heard any of this from friends and family:

  • What do you need to lose weight for?
  • I think you’re becoming obsessed with yourself.
  • You think you’re too good for my tuna casserole?
  • You work out too much, you’re getting too muscular.
  • Here - I made you a lettuce leaf. Can you eat that?

Haters be like…

Whenever we choose better for ourselves, people may not like it. This is not on us.  REPEAT! This is not our problem.  When our goals are authentic and we’re striving for what we really want for ourselves, it’s up to us to not be influenced by judgment and negativity.  We can’t change how others will react or treat us, we can only choose our response.

Ask anyone who’s tried to make anything happen.  When you dream big people will say you’ll fail, that you don’t have it, or that you’re full of yourself all the time

Be prepared for a little judgement now and then, but notice if certain people are always criticizing your vision. If you’re making a really huge lifestyle shift, your circle of friends may naturally evolve at the same time.  Some relationships may need to evolve in order for us to get where we want to go.

At the same time, we don’t go around telling other people what to eat or how to roll. Live and let live…it works both ways.

A crew for crushing.

This is how we stay surrounded by support!  See what works for you.


We try not to make separate meals for kids, family members and company. Food is for sharing!  With all we know about eating real food, there’s no shortage of delicious things to make and share, and healthy living shouldn’t be reserved just for us. Cooking something different for ourselves can also make others feel separate, plus the extra work is unsustainable. Share and inspire others to love delicious, healthy eats!


If we’re being criticized for our lifestyle, we don’t make excuses for ourselves or downplay how we choose to live. We also don’t preach because who the hell are we to tell others how to live? Stand strong and let it roll off your back.


Studies show that surrounding ourselves with positive people has a huge impact on our own outlook. This is why Revvers often become friends, and why the healthier and stronger we get, the more positive and badass our roster of friends becomes.


We love surrounding ourselves with friends and mentors who blow our minds with their tenacity.  Keeping our minds open to new friendships and reaching out to people who inspire us means more awesomeness in our world.

Our crew counts!