Week Two: Here comes the hustle.

During Week One we kicked off with a single truth: The biggest successes in the world are born out of passion.  To succeed, we must LOVE what we’re doing.  Letting go of what holds us back, making space for all the good sh*t, and using The Get Force to keep a positive state of mind - this is how we get there.

Here’s another truth we cannot change: The road to great success is paved with HARD WORK.

This goes against everything the quick-fix solicitors have been telling us all our lives.  Any of this sound familiar?

  • Do this 21 day detox and change your whole body for life!
  • Take this course and change your whole career overnight!
  • Take these supplements and burn fat just sitting!
  • Sell these products on the side, you’ll get rich!
  • Do what you love and the rest will follow!

We’re sorry to break the news but all of this - yes, EVEN the last point - is BULLSH*T.

Everything worth having comes from the hard work it takes to MAKE it happen.  No way around it.  As Rebels we not only accept this, we EMBRACE THE GRIND.  We’re not looking for short cuts or cheap solutions, we’re going for gold and loving (almost) every second of the journey.

What holds us back?

  1. GUILT:  Turns out we FEEL BADLY focusing on our own goals, and would sooner put others first.  Don’t we deserve to be all we can? Isn’t that better for those around us?
  2. FEAR: Sometimes disguised as procrastination.  What if we fail? What if we don’t like what we uncover on the other side of our efforts?
  3. GRIT DEFICIENCY:  Excuses, a quick-fix fixation, no attention span…all these fall under a GRIT deficiency.  How can we amp up our GRIT Force?

Grind it out.

The sweet taste of victory wouldn’t even exist if everything was a 24/7 cake-walk.  In Week Two of the Revkor Rebellion, we face The Grind like a renegade.  Here are some of our top tips to become an epic hard work machine at the bands and beyond.

  1. It should feel like a blast, ALMOST all the time.  Whether it’s our job or our workout…if we’re not loving it the majority of the time, we probably want to change something.
  2. Just because we love something does not mean the pieces will fall into place.  We have to face our goals head-on and decide to put one foot in front of the other each day. Passion does not entitle us to success - we have to commit to the work.
  3. It’s not easy for anyone.  We might look at others and think success landed in their lap. Behind every genuine success is a Grind story.
  4. Grind-over-Gift.  Research shows that hard work tops innate talent all the time. We can get caught in these kinds of thoughts: “I’m not good at pushups”; “I’ve never been a good writer.”; “I don’t ski.”  Ask around. Those people out there we think were bestowed with a magic gift?  Odds are they know The Grind better than anyone.
  5. Balance is BS.  Ask your grandparents about work life balance and odds are they’ll give you a blank stare.  Balanced bliss doesn’t exist.  Life is busy - even busier when you’re a goal crusher. Embrace the madness.

Rebels, let’s stop buying the BS and band together to embrace The Grind. This week we use The Get Force and The Grit Force (Oh yeah! More superpowers!) to become ferociously badass go-getters.