We can do a lot more than we think.

Each week we’ve highlighted a hardcore Rebel truth.  As we head into Week 4, let’s recap, superstars!

  • WEEK ONE: The TAKE-BACK! The greatest successes are born out of passion. We took our power back… instead of focusing on ways others think we should look, feel and act, we highlighted reasons to crush that resonate with us.
  • WEEK TWO: The GRIND! The road to great success is paved with HARD WORK.  We accepted this hardcore truth and embraced the challenge.
  • WEEK THREE: The ZONE!   Those who succeed develop the ability to focus and drown out the doubts.  It’s up to us to keep our eye on the prize.

In WEEK FOUR, our Rebel truth is this: Crushing goals requires THE GUTS to face fears. Being GUTSY is the ability to turn toward risk and say, I’VE GOT THIS.

There is nothing wrong with fear, in fact we’d be pretty careless if we weren’t afraid of anything.  Doubting ourselves is a good sign that we’re not arrogant, that we operate with purpose and integrity.  Fear is a sign that we have a choice to make, and the right choice could be the difference between status quo or a goal crushed beyond belief, so as Rebels we train ourselves to appreciate fear - it’s a chance to make huge things happen.

How to find The Guts.

Courage is a muscle that needs flexing. If you’ve lost some of your gumption over the years, fear not.  Just like working out, courage is a muscle that gets stronger the more we work it.  Like anything, we start with small risks. Here’s how we work to find our GUTS each day - what works for you?

  1. A GOAL. Randomly climbing hills from time to time might seem arduous and pointless, unless of course we have a set GOAL to eventually climb a mountain.  Setting goals puts us into THE ZONE, unleashes THE GRIND, and encourages us to have THE GUTS to go a little farther each day to hit our end goal.
  2. A REASON.  Doing tricep extensions is one thing.  But doing those reps because we’re determined to have stronger pushups and planks? Now that’s a reason to get into THE ZONE and push out strong reps each and every time. Stay focused on the WHY.
  3. A COMPETITION.  There’s nothing wrong with competition.  Wanting to win is a killer motivator to find THE GUTS to go farther.  Love to win?  Make your goal part of a competition.
  4. A CREW. When it comes to courage, there’s strength in numbers.  Align with like-minded Rebels.
  5. A DREAM-CRUSHER.  Possibly the most badass motivator - there’s nothing like someone telling us WE CAN’T to light the fire that says WATCH ME.

The other side of The Guts.

The same part of us that pushes us outside our comfort zone is the same one that can keep us safe.  Part of being GUTSY is learning how to trust our GUT, because sometimes the best (but ballsiest) thing to do is bail. Here are some ways we check in to see if it’s fear or danger that’s holding us back.


  • Are we in emotional or physical risk?
  • Are we trying to make someone else happy?
  • Living by someone else’s rule-book?
  • Looking for praise or recognition?

These are great signs that we’re not on the right path.  We come back full circle and need to find The Guts to create change.  This is how Rebels roll - doing the best we can through highs and lows, and pushing ourselves to do what’s right even when fear is a factor.

This week’s step is a huge component in Ange and Erin’s Balls + Steam philosophy…check it out if you haven’t already!