There is always right now.

Our Rebel truth as we launch our Week 5? Everyone who sets a goal will falter.  Those who succeed are those who accept stumbles as part of the process, and get back on their path no matter what.

During our 8 week Rebellion, we launch into a huge effort toward positive change on so many levels: we’re working out with more focus and drive, we’re stepping up our clean eating goals, and we’re challenging ourselves to live a little larger than we ever have before.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t small and big barriers standing in our way.  Whether it’s the people around us; our habits, fears and temptations; or simply super-busy schedules, Rebels realize that sticking to goals isn’t going to be easy. We’re working hard to implement that Grind Switch, but sometimes we need a total do-over. For Rebels, this is no problem.  Whatever happened yesterday, there is always right now to choose that Rebel path.

Dig deep and take a do-over.

You know that old saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going?  When our 8 week challenge is on a high note and we’re feeling like a million bucks, it’s actually pretty easy to stay the course because we’re bolstered be a feeling of accomplishment, pride, and kicks energy from our workouts. Sure it takes work, but often times we get into The Zone and things just flow with more ease.  The really impressive - and game-changing - thing is to develop the tenacity persevere when times are tough.

Here are our 8 favourite ways to get back on the horse:

  1. Live NOW:  Leave judgment some place else and be your own best cheerleader - the moment we live for is this one. Waiting until we feel stronger/happier/different to choose our best life is a habit we’ve all had at some point.  Let’s change it now.
  2. Routine: Spontaneity is awesome, but success comes to those who make their wellbeing a priority. Let’s get back to pre-booking classes and Sunday meal-prep, and try and carve out 15 minutes a day for journaling or goal-setting.
  3. Meal Plan: Embrace the lunch box! We find that heading into the day with healthy snacks and meals is the biggest clean-eating game-changer. We have consistent fuel throughout the day and are less tempted to grab quick-energy fixes.
  4. Rebel Crew: It’s no secret that Revvers love Revvers….a lot. Whether you already come to class with a friend or have made a Rev BFF, stats prove that we hit workouts harder and more consistently when we promise to meet a friend.  Our crew keeps us real!
  5. Live Fully: some people love all-or-nothing challenges, but sometimes extreme approaches can set us up to fail.  That’s why we love our twice-annual 8-week challenges, which helps establish a super-healthy, balanced lifestyle.  Go easy on yourself, live judgment free, and make the best choices you can day by day.
  6. The EFF Factor: We have to embrace failing and setbacks, because there’s simply no avoiding it. Let’s get good at saying “Eff it!” and going forward like a champ.
  7. HIGH-FIVES: Celebrate successes! We fixate on stumbles but don’t congratulate ourselves on WINS!
  8. RESET: Revisit goals and recalibrate!  Who cares about set-backs? The impressive thing is that we’re getting back on track.