The REBELLION 8 Week Revolution!


First of all, everyone wins just  by participating!  You’ve chosen to put your wellbeing first, which deserves HUGE props, Rebels!  Your studio will have its own prizes for top Rebels but Erin + Ange + Revkor Corp are offering up a little something extra to sweeten the deal!
This time, winners will get the royal treatment in Cambridge!  Winners will be professionally styled by our super-pro hair and make-up team at Parastar Salon.  We’ll then head to Revkor Cambridge for a photo shoot with our one and only Eric Rockburn…our official Rev photog!
It’s VIP all the way during your photo shoot with refreshments, healthy treats, and a photo shoot experience that will leave you feeling SO proud of all you’ve crushed during the challenge!
Your studio will usually also offer a prize for top Rebels, check your studio details.  Prize does not include travel or accommodations.
  1. Have attended an average of at least 4 Revkor classes weekly during Rebellion. Why? We want our Rebels to know what it feels like to feel the difference Revkor can make when we commit to the bands.
  2. Be available to attend the photoshoot Saturday January 13th in CAMBRIDGE ONTARIO.

JANUARY 13th is ALSO the End of Rebellion Bash!

What if I was sick or am traveling during Rebellion, can I qualify?

That’s ok!  Take a photo during your travel workouts and give yourself a sticker when you return.  If you’ve missed classes in a week, you can make them up as you go along. We’re looking for an average of 4 per week overall.  Please note, local non-Rev workouts don’t earn a sticker.

Who wins…and how do I apply?
This Rebellion, we’re welcoming 3 winners per studio!  We don’t choose winners based on physical transformations or inches lost…that isn’t what it’s all about.  While Rebels who give it 100% usually see and feel a huge transformation, we choose our winners based on the following:
  • Your story!  Rebels submit their story by December 31st in 300 words or less. Tell us how the bands and your rebellion experience have empowered you to crush for life!  Send your emails to:
    • LONDON:
    • PURE VIBE:
  • Rebel for life.  Our winners are Rebels who’ve made changes for keeps, really grasping the concept of the Rebellion.

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED on the Rebellion Facebook group on New Years Day 2018.

 Ready to keep crushing Rebels?  We know you are! Let’s do this!