Renée Primeau is a fitness, lifestyle and wellness coach in London, Ontario. In fact, she was Revkor™ Founder Angela Rivard’s coach and you can see how well that worked out! Sounds like someone who knows her stuff.

Organizing our lives for Healthier Lifestyle Changes

Renée Primeau

With new fitness and health goals, it is potentially a very exciting time. We have the opportunity to learn a lot from our bodies and our plans, to gather new supports (or strengthen familiar ones…or both!), to see amazing progress, and to really allow our will to become stronger as we make strides toward reaching our goals.

Without proper planning and implementation, even the most awesome, brilliantly put together plan is not going to do us much good. We have to be willing and able to put in the work, and we have to become organized enough to “plan for our plan.” Once we have “planned for our plan”, and once we put those plans into action, this is when the exciting stuff can start to happen; this is we can watch ourselves respond to a good plan.

From both personal and client experiences, a big plan hindering thing can be: not planning or preparing well for the plan.

Life is going to happen and things are going to come up, regardless of what life looks like for you: If you are caring for a child or children, kids are spontaneous, delightful, exciting little creatures; but they are also going to have things come up that can potentially throw plans off: (“Mom! Nathan spilled juice all over my white shirt and the dog threw up on my lunch pail!”…just as you’re finally sitting down to eat breakfast with 10 minutes to go before you have to head out the door); if you are on-call at your job you may get called into work last minute, you may end up in traffic jams, have family emergencies, etc. etc.

In short, potential plan interrupting things are going to happen, and we cannot always know what and when things are going to happen.

But, if we are prepared and if we have back up plans and organization, we can increase our chances of things working out according to our plans most of the time and, definitely, way more often than they would without strategies in place.

Sooo….let’s get into some strategies for organization and planning for these important goals:

For meal plans, some really uncomplicated strategies can be:

  • Having veggies chopped up and ready to go (separated into portions can be awesome to quickly grab and go with).
  • Protein sources cooked up, separated into portions, and frozen or refrigerated (for a time period that won’t allow for spoiling)
  • Healthy fats on hand- nuts, natural nut butters, oils, etc. etc. (separating can help here too!)
  • Grains cooked and ready to go (again with the theme: separated and ready to go can be great.)

You can likely see here where various sizes of containers can be super helpful here (along with cooler bags, 6-pack coolers, etc).

Having 2-3 days of meal prepared and ready to go in the fridge or freezer is awesome for those last minute grab-and-go times that can and, if you are a human being with a life outside of your plan, like most human beings, will likely will come up.

(Note: while I don’t believe protein powders and the like should be depended on all the time for all or too many protein sources, they can be excellent quick-fixes and supplements to various fitness regimes and goals.)

When it comes to your physical goals, sit down and think realistically about how much time you can and want to dedicate, while being realistic about the goals you will be able to reach while dedicating that time.

Once you have decided that, think of different options to support your goals: Taking part in classes (like the awesome Revkor™ classes offered), hour-long sessions with a quality trainer, telling your quality trainer/coach the amount of time you can dedicate to your plan, can all be helpful. And, when we are realistic about the time we are able to dedicate, our goals become much more attainable and the process can feel much more rewarding and enjoyable than when we try to do too much all at once.

Making changes, whether one at a time, or many at once (if you can and need to do that), can lead to incredible transformations and results over time, and potentially for life. We just need to know what we want, have a plan, and put that plan into place.

Good luck to you with your goals and goal planning. ☺