Reset Button? Meet The Grind Switch.

If you’re a new Revver, you may not be familiar with the Revkor ResetBand veterans have been pressing the Reset button time and again - it’s been one of the key tools in our success tool box.

Our philosophy has always been this: the only moment we can control is this one, right now.  Sometimes things go sideways and we fall off the rails: a mac and cheese binge, missing workouts, that single glass turns into 3…

Getting down on ourselves does nothing in the name of our goals, so we press the handy Revkor Reset button.  We start fresh - getting back on the horse and going forward with brand new resolve.  Zero judgment, no self-loathing…these are dangerous responses that only sabotage everything awesome we’re striving for.

In the name of the Rebellion however, we’re stepping the Reset up a notch.  Reset Button?  Meet THE GRIND SWITCH.

There is a fine line between pressing The Reset and not trying.  Sounds harsh but hear us out because this is how champions are made, Rebels!

Yes, it feels good to give ourselves a free pass, knowing that a Revkor Reset is right there when we need it.  Before we grab that free pass and run, can we challenge ourselves, one temptation at a time, to DIG DEEPER for some resolve?  Can we turn on THE GRIND SWITCH and really ask ourselves, do I need this? How will it make me feel?  Can I push a little harder? The rewards are so worth it!

Before we splurge, miss workouts, or bail on a promise we’ve made to ourselves, what if we stopped to crank up THE GRIND SWITCH and try harder?  Can we use the GRIT FORCE to say - “actually, I’ve got my eye on the prize here; I’m going to dig deeper and go for my goals because that’s what it takes.”

This isn’t about depriving ourselves and having no fun. It’s about stepping up our commitments to ourselves and believing that the goals we’ve set for ourselves are worth achieving.

Rebels aren’t halfway.  Taking our power back means fighting for what we want, and remembering each day that:

  • The only person who can take us toward our dreams is US.
  • The only path is hard work.
  • We HAVE all it takes to crush the journey.

Hitting that Grind Switch as often as we can means we’ll get that much farther, and PROGRESS is what we’re after, right Rebels?