Revkor SHRED Season is here…get ready to rock on November 8th, 2015!
If you participated in our last Revkor Shred challenge, then you know that lives were completely transformed.

Together, let’s find our strongest, healthiest body as we get ready for the BEST YEAR OF OUR LIVES.  Why the best?  Because this is the year we feel more incredible than ever, inside and out.

How does it work?

The Revkor™ Shred is FREE. 
You must be following us on our websiteFacebook and Instagram to get all the news, motivation and updates.  You’ll get over 7 weeks of tips to keep you on track.

What’s happening in-studio?
You know how we roll!  Check in with your Revkor studio in person and on social media for updates on events, challenge boards, prizes, workshops and other encouragement along the way!  Nothing but 8 weeks of vibrant, high-energy, crazy-good times.

How can I sign up?
Check in with YOUR studio to find out how to sign up for the Revkor Shred!  Not close to a Revkor studio?  No problem!  You can follow our social media posts to eat clean and train mean with us from afar for 8 solid weeks of awesomeness!

WHAT will I EAT?

This is NOT a detox!  This Shred is  full of delicious food that you will LOVE prepping and eating.
We’ll be sharing our favourite ways to clean up our eating for maximum health and vibrancy.

We’ll work to eliminate:

  • processed, packaged foods
  • dairy (don’t get all crazy cheese fiends…more on this soon!)
  • gluten
  • refined sugar


  • booze (Yup…during the holidays!  We’re Revvers…we don’t mess around.)
  •  caffeine (don’t panic, more on that over the coming weeks)

Load up on:


  • fresh veggies - greens, greens, greens!
  • WHOLE foods like fruits, grains, lentils, good quality eggs…
  • lean, organic meats (best quality you can afford)
  • superfoods
  • lots of hydration!

Can I cheat?
It’s not really about that, do whatever you want! The Revkor™ Shred is about doing our best to make the best choices for our health one day at a time.  That’s why it’s 8 weeks…time to create healthier habits and relationships with the food we choose to eat.  Why we make those choices and how we respond is what this challenge is all about!  (Pizza bender?  There’s nothing more handy than the Revkor Reset!)

All the info you need will be on our revNATION blog and social media!

Get ready to SHRED revNATION!  This one is gonna be good.


Erin + Ange