A peek into our kitchens.

For some of us, eating real, wholesome food is brand new, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our 8 week challenges support us in making balanced and easy choices to eat more whole, healthy, delicious food.  Plain and simple!  We’re making changes here to last a lifetime and letting go of the idea of temporary fixes like diets.

We wanted to give you a peek into our kitchens so you can see that we’re not living off kale smoothies and kombucha.  We’re also not protein-guzzling meatheads.  We’re just eating REAL food that’s yummy as sh*t.


(We took a typical work-day with an evening workout for this example)

  • Rise and shine!  We love lemon water to wake up. People say it’s good for your belly, skin, energy, digestion…the list goes on.  Who really knows?!  It’s refreshing AF.
  • While whipping together our favourite breakie (2 pancake recipes to choose from: find Ange’s Power Pancakes and Erin’s recipe herewe heat the kettle for morning tea or a pour-over coffee.
  • We try to sit and savour breakfast phone-free. This is a great time to bust out your Daily 8 before all hell breaks loose with the day’s insanity.  Another lemon water gets knocked back before the office/studio.
  • Mid-morning, we love having a simple snack. There’s no reason for food to be complicated…we share some thoughts here on Crushing Snacks!
  • For lunch, a delish serving of Super-Clean Chicken salad with Mary’s crackers or in lettuce wraps.  We don’t forget water…ensuring we’re super-hydrated to crush that RevMIX class tonight!
  • In the afternoon, an easy and fast energy rich snack like hummus and veggies, apples and almond-butter, or one of these No Muffin-Top Revkor™ Wonder Muffins.
  • Hit the studio and rock that workout!
  • We like to repair and refuel immediately with the Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie packed in a thermos, plus having a smoothie on-hand means we don’t need to race home for a meal OR eat sooner than the rest of the family.
  • For us dinner is often quick or on-the go…we love meal prepping in advance. This Post Rev Recovery Chicken is the perfect pick that everyone around the table loves.
  • In the evening, a veggie snack and maybe a little sweet treat with tea like these Macaroons….a simple pleasure.


Night, night, Rebels!