Good morning revNATION!  Welcome to your first day of the Revkor™ Shred!  Whether you’re joining us from one of our Revkor™ locations or doing the challenge on your own - know you are NOT alone!  You’re doing this with US -  the entire Revkor™ community.  So far we have about 200 Revvers on board with this Shred, so if you’re feeling like you need support it’s just a click away!  Post on social media using the hashtag #revkorshred to share your progress, tips, ideas and general Shred awesomeness along the way.

Here’s how it works! For 7 weeks until May 29th:

Work out.

We recommend getting to at least 3 revMIX-style classes weekly if you really want to SHRED, building lean muscle and losing fat.  The reality is that life is busy, and we simply have to do our best!  Get to as many Revkor™ classes as you can - other workouts count too!  Keep the pace high and stay consistent.  You’ll be well-fueled by GOOD FOOD, so you can give 100% when you show up for class. *

Eat clean.

Do your best to eat clean as often as possible!  Can you cheat?  YES!  There are no Revkor™ Shred Police! (well, we do have one Rev PoPo at headquarters but that’s another story…). The less you indulge in “unclean” foods the better your results will be, plain and simple.  It’s all in your hands.

Live fully.

The whole point of having this strong, nourished body is so that we can LIVE to the fullest!  Get outside, be with friends, read a good book, enjoy a strong coffee in the sun.  Don’t forget to balance out your efforts  by enjoying the little moments and doing things you love with PEOPLE you love.

Your tools and tips:


Stay tuned to the website for ongoing tips, recipes, ideas and exciting success stories along the way to keep you revved right up the whole time!

You’ll want to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get up-to-the-minute challenge news, videos, meal ideas and community posts!  Erin, Angela, and special guests will be posting regularly to keep you full of ideas and inspiration, and to answer your questions online too!

If you’re practicing out of our London Market studio you’ll see a huge challenge board to guide you through the next 7 weeks!  Add your name and place a sticker on each date you Rev, and for each week you meet your clean-eating goals.  If you’re participating remotely track your own workouts and successes in a challenge journal!

Notice how you feel.  It’s vital that you feel nourished, strong and supported.  Detoxing sugar, caffeine, and other icky processed food chemicals can result in temporary headaches, grumpiness and fatigue.  If you reach for sugar or caffeine as a quick fix don’t beat yourself up over it, but DO notice how it makes your body feel.  In time, your body will get used to thriving on whole, pure food.  Your energy will soar, and instead of being addicted to junk, we’ll feel addicted to goodness!

Confused?  Stuck?  Unstoppable cravings?  CONNECT!  Hop on social media and connect with your challenge team and fellow challengers.  We’re doing this together and can push each other along.  We’ll be able to offer ideas, motivation and support!  WE’VE GOT THIS!

You’re doing something incredibly positive to support your own well-being!  Make extra effort to be nice to yourself.  Take time for a post-workout bath with epsom salts and your favourite creamy, delicious soaps from our friends at Purdy Naturals.  Have an afternoon break with a cozy cup of tea and good book.  Try out a clean, vegan dessert recipe, go for a great hike, or connect with other challengers for positive support.  Be good to you!  You’re pretty awesome : )

Other fun news:

Stay tuned for PRIZE ANNOUNCEMENTS….coming soon!

Here we go revNATION!!!  Day one is underway!


*Classes get full quick during the Shred!  Please remember to reserve your spot online AND to be kind to your other Revvers by showing up for the classes you reserve, or by cancelling well within your studio’s cancellation policy guidelines! This way everyone gets their time at the bands.