Stock your kitchen like a Rebel.

The biggest secret to success is PREP.  Get your planning done and your pantry cleaned out!  Here are some of our favourite ways to make meal prep fun.

Everyone’s body needs different food…there is no “one-size fits all” meal plan that really “works”.  Do your own research, note what foods make you feel amazing, and which don’t agree with you!  We share what works for us.

When it comes to food and diet trends, we choose to be fans of science and are always wary of the endless fear-based marketing messages.  Is it necessary to buy organic + hormone-free? Is there something really wrong with the favourite foods you’ve been eating for years? We think it’s all about balance and eating the best food you can, when you can.


You should not feel deprived, hungry or miserable about food, during challenge season or ever! Rebel meals should be full of delicious food that you LOVE.
Along the way, we’ll be sharing our favourite ways to clean up our eating for maximum health and vibrancy.

As always, if you’re looking for health-based changes or have specific goals, it’s always best to consult your healthcare practitioners and connect with a Registered Dietician.

Looking for BIG RESULTS?

If you’re feeling happy and healthy as you are, then you’ll probably benefit from being a little extra aware and continuing to stay on track. If you’re looking for change in your body, we invite you to step it up with us this challenge and join us in our goals to make big things happen!

Here’s how WE’RE stepping up our game:


One of our favourite RD’s Justine Horne talks about a sustainable eating philosophy of eating healthy, responsible meals and snacks 80% of the time, and allowing ourselves to indulge in treats 20%.  It’s challenge season, so why the hell not see what we’ve got? We’re going 90/10 and we’re PUMPED to feel the energetic difference.


  • Processed, packaged foods
  • Refined sugar (don’t worry, we’ll still share loads of recipes for you to get your sweet fix!)
  • Alcohol (OR see below…)
  • GUILT! Replace fear and guilt with JOY and excitement over what we’re doing for our health and wellbeing!


  • Booze (Yup…even with patio season around the corner, we don’t mess around). Reducing or eliminating alcohol could make more impact than you might expect. This is why we’re choosing to max out at 0-3 drinks WEEKLY.
  • Dairy (for the most part…stay tuned as we go!)
  • Empty carbs (the body needs carbohydrates, we ensure ours come chalk-full of proteins and nutrients!)


Justine has also shared with us that half our plates should always feature veggies. For many of us, the opposite is true at most meals. Following the half-plate rule, even at breakfast, ensures we’re loaded up on nutrients and the fibre we need to keep our digestive system working strong.


Fresh, whole foods!  This is the no-brainer part:

  • fresh veggies - greens, greens, greens!  The more the better.
  • fruits in moderation, grains, lentils, good quality eggs…
  • lean, healthy meats if you’re a carnivore (best quality you can afford)
  • lots of hydration!

Can I cheat?

It’s not really about that, do whatever you want! You answer to yourself.  The Rebellion is about doing our best to make good choices for our health one day at a time. That’s why it’s 8 weeks…plenty of time to create healthier habits and relationships with the food we choose to eat. Why we make those choices and how we respond is what this challenge is all about! (Pizza bender? There’s nothing more handy than the Revkor Reset!)

Getting Started:

What you buy and how well you prepare will directly affect your success and get you results. Buy the freshest, best quality food locally available to you, but also don’t stress about it. If you’re on a budget, skip the $8 organic avocado.  This isn’t about breaking the bank, in fact eating clean should save you money.  Cooking healthy and clean meals requires simple and healthy ingredients.  We steer clear of processed and boxed foods.

Just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t make it healthy.

Skip most of the gluten-free products at grocery and health stores as most MOST of these products are loaded with sugars, sweeteners and other ick-factors.

Clean your fridge and pantry.

Clean your kitchen out and be sure to donate all unopened non-perishables to your local food bank.  We don’t want to waste food, but we also don’t want to have a family-sized bag of Oreos in the cupboard when you’re trying to make healthy changes.

Crap hides everywhere.

Most sauces, condiments, spreads, and pretty much all packaged items contain loads of sugars and preservatives you don’t want in your body.

Separate meals are a buzz-kill.

Does your family think your Rebellion challenge is just another one of the crazy “health things” you do?  Fine.  But do your best not to run yourself ragged making different meals for you and them.  Make them the same food and bring them along for the ride.  Even if they’re just getting 50% of the super-clean goodness, they’re going to feel great!  Whether they like it or not 😉

We’ll still indulge.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you recipes to satisfy even the meanest chip or chocolate craving, with real, whole ingredients that your body knows what to do with. You won’t be deprived!

Food is fuel.

And some days we need more than others.  Stay tuned and keep learning with us to make sure that you’re nourishing your workouts with energy, and getting the recovery food you need post-workout. This is important…getting the right food at the right time impacts your results.  This is also one reason we don’t give you one-size fits-all meal plans.  Everyone has a different job and lifestyle with different energy demands.

A note on protein powder.  Generally speaking we should be able to get our protein from food.  When we need an extra boost on the go, we like to use a whole food like Manitoba Harvest hemp protein and some high-quality whey products.  We avoid heavily processed products with flavourings and complicated formulations.  Do your research, decide what’s best for you.