“I finished the year 2014 overweight, sad, and unhealthy. I told myself that 2015 would be my year to get out of the funk I had found myself living in.”  

Meet Tiffany, one of two top winners from the 2015 Revkor Holiday Shred.  Before we tell you Tiffany’s story, we’ll let her hard work speak for itself:

When we first met Tiffany, we knew something was up.  Always kind and reserved around the studio, she would hit the bands like a ferocious machine.  We weren’t surprised to eventually learn that she was a seriously accomplished athlete.

“You would never know looking at my before picture that I’d been a competitive swimmer my entire life, competing at the national level as well as at an NCAA division 1 university in the USA. People often looked at me in disbelief when I told them my background, they could not believe I was an athlete. I was determined to change this.”

When we think of Revkor #BallsAndSteam, this girl has it.  Determined to harness her academic potential, Tiffany hustled to become one of the nation’s most elite swimmers, earning her a scholarship at The University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

In case the idea of going to school in Sin City conjures up ideas of all-night debauchery, you can guess again.  During her ten years in Vegas, Tiffany set hardcore goals for herself and crushed the hell out of them, one by one.  Over the decade she earned herself a double Masters in nursing and her MBA. She practiced nursing in a paediatrics emergency room - possibly as badass as it gets in our books…all while stepping up her athletic game in her spare time - (SPARE TIME??) to compete in triathlons.

Lucky for Canada, (and Revkor Cambridge!) Tiffany returned to her hometown of Brantford where she is now the nursing manager of 2 medical floors.  We met her at the bands just over a year ago, and have seen that anyone who works out next to Tiffany feels motivated.  She trains like an athlete, never quits, and shares positivity like a true team player.  We asked her what the secret is - her response was simple.

“I thrive on goals.  When I decide I’m going to do something, I don’t stop till it’s done.”

Tiffany says Revkor has brought her drive and focus back, prepping her for a whole new phase of goal crushing…even fellow Revvers have seen a new fire in her.

“My favorite thing about Revkor is the instructors encouragement and motivation to push harder. They not only encourage you to push through the class but they relate the challenges of pushing yourself during a workout to everyday challenges we all face in life. I use this motivation to push through any challenge I am faced with; the Revkor instructors have helped me to believe that you are capable of way more than your mind tells you. Revkor has changed me physically but the biggest change for me has been the change on the inside.”

So what about Shred?  For someone already so disciplined, why did it help?  Just like everyone, Tiffany is grateful for the motivation and moral support that Shred provides.

For the first time in my life I am proud to be me and truly love my body for all the amazing things it allows me to do.  With Revkor there is no judgment - just positive encouragement. I have been part of several teams in my life and have never experienced such an accepting and supportive group of people. My confidence level has increased and my relationship with food has completely changed. By making healthy choices and fuelling my body with good food I feel ready to take on the world.  Revkor is more than just a workout, it’s a lifestyle.”

Congrats Tiffany for being the first prize Shred Winner alongside one of our Revkor London Market crew - CHANTAL!  You’re a ShredStar to the fullest - we know bright and badass things are ahead!

Stay tuned - CHANTAL’S story comes next!