If we’re taking it back….

Then let’s totally take it back.  We saw this on Facebook and it stopped us in our tracks. It wasn’t the gorgeous graphic design - I guess this post doesn’t need to be pretty when it’s SO. DAMN. TRUE.

The Revkor Rebellion was inspired through years of working in the fitness and seeing people give their power away to BS and excuses each and every time a “quick fix” fails. We’ve all been there and the truth is, we can all get caught in this trap when the going gets tough.  Making sh*t happen is HARD and takes down and dirty, on our knees, nose to the grind WORK.

This list may seem harsh but it’s REAL, and Rebels can handle the truth. Could taking a hard look at this list could be a huge game-changer?  What if we’re surrounded by people who define this list…how does that affect our own success?

Let’s break it down.

The Blame Game.

One of the most badass, renegade things we can do is own up to our own sh!t.  We all know people who blame their problems on everyone from their boss to the guy making their morning latte.  Isn’t it draining? But what if we’re doing the same thing in more subtle ways?  We all do it. Whose fault is it when we miss a workout? Traffic. Weather. Our kids.  Huge meal splurge…who’s to blame? The restaurant’s menu. The intoxicating smell of onion rings. The cheese industry for existing.

We’re so used to what we call the “BUY AND FAIL” model.  When it comes to fitness, they love selling us the “thing” (treadmill, diet bars, slim down challenge, weight loss pills, magic shakes…); the product success is a non-issue.  Why does this work? 2 simple reasons:

  1. We buy the “thing” and feel good for five seconds because we checked the box that says we’re gonna crush something.
  2. The “thing” never works, and we never have to blame ourselves because we can always blame the “thing” or the person who sold it to us.

See? Zero accountability.  These things happened to us when in fact if we facilitated them. All we needed was to step up and choose the actual path to success…the one where we step up to the tough decisions, gritty hard work, and the potential to fail on our own accord (although a Rebel always tries again.)

The Complainer.

Complaining is more finger pointing and overall negativity. We all know epic complainers. According to them, the service is always bad, they’re never getting what they “deserve”, the road construction must have been set there just to ruin their drive to work.  How do we feel hanging out with Johnny Complainer? Brutal; that’s how we feel. So what if we’re doing this to ourselves?  Are there ways we could be turning turmoil into opportunities?  Won’t that motivate and inspire others around us? Rebels might see a problem worth complaining about but instead, we take action.  We see our Revvers do this every day.

The Never-Enough Person.

If we’re around people trapped in the “zero-accountability mindset”, the cycle spirals out of control. They’re so focused on how they’ve been wronged, they lose sight of all the goodness.  Sometimes simply being overworked, stressed, and BUSY can cause us to forget just how incredible facets of our day and life truly are.  This is where journaling can come in handy…getting into the habit of writing down a few things we’re grateful for each day switches our mindset pretty quick.

Hanging with peeps who embody this list?

As Rebels, we’re busting through barriers each day in pursuit of a life that’s BIG and full of meaning.  What and who we surround ourselves with is of paramount importance. Blamers and complainers may have us believing that there’s something wrong with all the right things we’re trying to achieve.

The people around us who refuse to take responsibility will never find happiness or success until they change their ways. Full stop.  So if we’re taking it back superstars, let’s do 2 things:

  1. Take a hard look at this list and get real with ourselves.  We ALL have ways we can improve, so let’s step up and take action.
  2. Keep toxicity at bay, ESPECIALLY when we’re fighting so hard to be stronger and more brave in our goals.

Can we get a #HellYes? Stay tuned, there’s more coming on the topic of success sabotage! Till then, keep using your Rebel Superpowers and keep crushing.