Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If we’re in it for the long-haul, the BIG picture is what counts.  How can we let go of the small “failures” and bumps in the road and continue striving toward what we want?

Build “BIG Force” Muscle.

No one ever set out to make big things happen and had a journey of smooth sailing, right?  When we get better at expecting roadblocks, then we’re more likely to get where we need to go because we become resilient, kick-ass problem solvers. The ONE Force looked at ways to stay focused and connected to goals.  The BIG Force takes it one step farther, focusing on THE BIG PICTURE while not dwelling on all the twists, turns and sh!t piles it sometimes takes along the way.

Rebel tricks.


It’s human nature to focus on the negative. A zillion things could be going our way, yet we’ll focus on on what’s not right. Imagine you’re at the bands and you’ve done 40 minutes of Jump Squats and those last 20 seconds are a killer. By focusing on all we’ve already accomplished, we’re in a better state of mind to get where we want to go. If we say screw the Jump Squats, I’m gonna bail on the bands today in exchange for happy hour with my crew…well let’s focus on all the times we did make our workout.  Is one night off going to affect the BIG picture?  Want more? Go back to The GOOD Force.


Sometimes we think we’ve failed, but based on whose criteria? A friend was on the road to football stardom, then he injured and couldn’t play. He went on to build an incredible career in finance and married the love of his life, but never stopped singing the football blues. He always saw himself as a failure.  By not seeing the BIG picture, he missed his blessings for years. If we shift our perception, we avoid thinking small, creating a life that’s BIGGER than we imagined.


Surrounding ourselves with the right people is a huge part of setting up for success.  THE CREW counts…if we’re feeling defeated, it’s always awesome to check in with someone who’s got your back and will remind us we’ve got what it takes.


We HAVE to want it so bad that we’re willing to do what it takes to get there. When roadblocks are guaranteed on any journey, wanting to achieve that BIG picture goal bad enough means we’ll climb any hurdle to crush it.  Imagine being pressured to go to med school when all we can think about is being a novelist.  The big picture in this case won’t feel worth the years of grinding.  If our goals are legit, if we want it, we’ll get it done like a champ.


When it feels like we’re slogging through muck, the best thing we can do is check back in with our vision and remind ourselves why the journey is worth it. Journal, use post-its, write notes to yourself….whatever it takes. Eye on the prize, Rebels!