..and it’s seriously empowering.

Wanna take your power back?  Start with this list and feel seriously empowered to crush all your goals.

1. Food is (almost) everything.

We’d be lying to you if we said you could Rev like a maniac and eat all the cheesy pulled chicken tacos all the time and feel like a million bucks.  The truth is, no workout on the planet will change the way you look and feel the way that food can.  Yes genetics play a role (don’t we all have that uncle who puts bacon on everything, smokes a pack a day, and lives to 102?) but by and large, healthy food has serious power.

2. We don’t know sh*t.

We’re not sure when the world decided that personal trainers and bootcamp leaders were nutrition experts, but unless they’ve studied the field, they’re not.  We don’t tell you what to eat because we’re not food pros.  During our challenges, we always share what works for us.  Sometimes Revvers ask, why doesn’t Revkor hire a nutrition expert to plan our 8 week meals?  Two reasons: 1) we believe that if we learn and think for ourselves, we succeed  by being empowered.  2) because there is no one-size fits all way of eating.  Guys who are 200+ pounds need way more food and energy than someone half the size. We have women who are breastfeeding, menopausal, tall, small, and everything in between.  People have allergies, intolerances, likes and dislikes. We should never be letting fitness people tell us what to eat - whether you’re a Revver or not, we encourage you to really think about this piece.

3. YOU know more than you think.

There are so many great resources out there to support healthy eating.  If you’re having serious concerns about your nutrition, your weight, or your energy, you might want to consult with an expert. Empower yourself by getting some help!  We often forget though, that our body is screaming so many of the answers at us all the time.  How do we FEEL when we eat certain things? Some people feel great after a coffee, some feel bloated or panicked. Some people love seafood, others feel great eating vegan while others crave red meat.  Every body is different, and our needs change as we change. Hormones, age, and fitness level are just a few of the factors that inform what we should be eating.  If you’re really interested, consider starting a food journal and noting how you feel throughout the day after eating and drinking.  There are so many answers right in front of us.

4. There’s always hype.

There is so much confusion and information out there about eating: superfoods, organic foods, GMOs, gluten, sugar, processed foods, factory farming, eating local, eating macros, counting calories, which herbs for which ailment…the list goes on.  We’re personally not farmers or scientists so we don’t have answers, but we believe there’s always hype because at the end of the day, someone is always selling something. If you’re seriously interested about food issues and trends, do some research before declaring your life “something”-free.  We try to choose whole, nutritious foods and buy the best we can afford.  Don’t forget that this Rebel Kitchen post is always here to help!

5. We were made for loving food, baby.

We’re #SorryNotSorry if we just put this song in your head.  We are pretty blessed to live lives that can truthfully feature practically all the food we desire.  So many of us have complicated relationships with foods so again, if you need help with food, take a leap and reach out for some. There are great experts out there. If we’ve created habits where we’re eating food we dislike because we’re “on a diet” or drinking icky shakes on a “weight-loss plan”, then let’s take inspiration from our European friends and get back to loving the hell out of food.  Let’s take the time to make healthy food delicious, so we can love every minute of each meal or snack.  That’s how Rebels make it happen.