Spin it right.

The alarm goes off.  After pressing snooze 2 or 15 times, we lay there for a second all cozy under the covers when - WHAMMO -  the endless list makes its appearance.  “Oh man,” we think.  Then it goes a little something like this:


  • get up
  • shower
  • dress
  • make lunches
  • battle road construction traffic
  • meet that deadline
  • deal with that jackass (insert frustrating person from of the day)
  • find time for a workout
  • eat kale
  • take the kids to hockey
  • call my mother in law
  • shovel the driveway
  • …..

We’ll stop here; we all know just how long the list is EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  The anxiety sets in. The dread. How the hell are we going to get this all done?  Why don’t we have a 24/7 butler?

The GET Force works like this.

We don’t have to, Rebel.  WE GET TO.  People who crush life the hardest are the ones with a POSITIVE OUTLOOK.  Nourishing food, careers we love, workouts that feel incredible…all these facets in life are things we GET to have and do. We know this but man, it gets overwhelming some days.

Know what else we GET to do?  Say NO. Pay that kid across the street to shovel; ask for help on that project; say no to traffic - walk or carpool.  We can also QUIT.  Sometimes quitting is one of the most renegade things we can do.  Stale friendships, a boring course, soul-sucking projects…how would we feel if we started cutting the cord on things that don’t motivate and energize us?

Part of being a Rebel is choosing what we GET TO have more of in our lives, and saying NO to the things that are not true or right in our guts.

Build “GET Force” Muscle.

It takes time to build body strength, and it’s no different for Rebel Superpowers. Let’s think of the seriously successful people we’ve have encountered along the way - odds are they’re people who’ve learned how see positivity and opportunity under even the darkest of clouds.  They weren’t born this way.  Just like doing curls at the bands, the GET Force Muscle needs to be worked.  We get stronger at a goal-crushing attitude by flexing that I GET TO muscle a little each day.

Rebel tricks.

So, how can we spin it a little differently? What are some of the renegade things we GET TO do every day?

  • “I really want a double cheese pepperoni pizza but I HAVE to eat this kale and hemp seed salad.” REBEL TRICK:  We might CHOOSE to eat something a little more nutritious (let’s keep it delicious at the same time!) and focus instead on how GOOD WE GET TO feel after a nourishing, clean meal.
  • “I am seriously dreading work today, I want to call in sick but I HAVE to go.” REBEL TRICK:  Everyone’s work provides opportunities to make even a small difference in someone’s day.  Let’s focus on the positive…we GET TO  step up to a challenge and turn a work day into something inspired.
  • “I HAVE TO work out tonight, I promised myself I would make four classes a week.”  REBEL TRICK:  Well this one is a no-brainer…we’re gonna feel so good after that chance to sweat, de-stress, and step up our game!  We GET TO work out and feel like a million bucks!

Small shifts in our thinking each day creates HUGE evolutions in our outlook and ultimately in our lives.  It helps us TAKE BACK our day and our life, creating an existence that energizes us.  Start with one thing and see where it goes.  Before you know it, you’ll be using THE GET FORCE Rebel Superpower like a serious pro.

WABAM. #RebelSuperPowers.