What Revvers are saying about Korboard.

We believe it’s our job to deliver you the most robust and dynamic fitness experience possible, so we were pretty pumped to add the Korboard to our roster of novel programming.  If you’re a Revver you know we love keeping you on your toes but this time, you’rethe ones surprising us.  Revvers in London and Cambridge have been embracing this method and making it part of their weekly Revkor commitments and frankly, your results have blown our minds.  We could tell you all about the huge transformations we’ve seen, but we’re gonna let some of our hardcore Korboarders give you their full low-down.


When I first tried Korboard, I saw it as a ‘value added’ experience; a different way to do the same work. Having worked through it for several months, it is so much more. The benefits are unique and yet fit seamlessly into the overall Revkor programme, fostering balance among high-intensity work, flexibility, and strength. If Revkor is a worldview committed to physical and mental wellbeing, Korboard has become an essential component.

There is no doubt that the Korboard has made for greater overall strength. Physically, the angles of movement make for a better isolation and the slow cues exhaust the muscles. It never ceases to amaze how much something as simple as a glute blaster on a low resistance band can crush you; such a little movement shouldn’t hurt that good!


Korboard pushes you to your limit physically and mentally.  As a former athlete, this serious burn is something I missed.  There is something so humbling about being pushed to failure during your workout; it builds this fire in your gut that drives you to keep coming back to the board to improve.  I’ve noticed increased physical strength in big ways, but it’s the mental strength that has made a huge difference in my daily life.  Korboard has been a complete game changer for me.


I’m not an athlete. Hell, I have balance issues, and my larger body size means some forms of workouts I’ve tried in the past have been extremely frustrating. Joining Revkor, I’ve found a place where I’m excited to try new things that make both my body and mind feel great. I can alter moves to accommodate any issues I have and still get a kick-ass workout.  I heard about Korboard and wanted to try but was scared it would be too much for me. That’s when I told myself to woman-up and do the class. The biggest surprise about Korboard? I CAN do it!  As could anyone who tries. The smaller class size means an instructor is at my side quickly to assist with fine-tuning. The kicker is Korboard had made me feel stronger faster.

WABAM! You can hit up a Korboard workout at our London and Cambridge location.