Zoning in like a champ.

Use this Rebel Superpower to become goal-crushing, positive thinking machines. That’s right!  All successful people have several things and common, and the ability to FOCUS on goals is a key trait.  In fact, it’s essentially impossible to get where we want to be if we can’t concentrate and visualize our success.

Why is it called The ONE Force?  As we mentioned in The Zone, a singular focus is needed in order to crush our toughest goals. When Sidney Crosby gears up to hit the puck, is he thinking about a pepperoni pizza or what’s happening on Game of Thrones? Is he calling a buddy to set up a coffee date and reminding himself to make a hair appointment whilst skating about? No! It’s safe to say that the only thing he thinks, sees, feels is that puck. He’s using The ONE Force; his eye is 100% on the prize in that moment.

Build “ONE Force” Muscle.

Life is extremely busy and very full of distractions.  This is one of the toughest Rebel Superpowers, so we need to be kind to ourselves here. It’s going to take time to become a serious pro at locking down our ability to FOCUS and get into The Zone, but we CAN do it.  Start small and remember, these tips are here for us to use for life.  Come back to your Rebel Superpowers again and again for reminders and motivation.

Rebel tricks.

Get into The Zone and conquer:

  1. WRITE IT.  Use the goal card, a journal or white-board…writing goals down makes them more likely to be reached.
  2. READ IT.  Place the goal card or a list of goals where they can be seen.  Ange and Erin keep lists of small and big goals in their wallets, journals, office walls.  Keeping goals where we can SEE them all day every day has serious power.
  3. TELL IT.  Sometimes the biggest hurdle to reaching a goal is our fear around accountability or what others might think.  We share goals with people we trust. Our accountability and their support can make all the difference.
  4. CHOP IT.  Set small benchmarks.  If our short-term goals are too aggressive, we may feel we “fail”.  Setting a large end goal then creating a roadmap to get there?  WABAM - now we’re going places. We can FOCUS on those small benchmarks and nail them one at a time.
  5. SAY IT. Telling ourselves whatever we need to hear can make our break our efforts.  If we’re working on a tough move at the bands, our mindset is half the battle.  Let’s make the dialogue in our minds supportive.
  6. TRACK IT.  By keeping a goal journal, it’s easier to track our progress.
  7. LOVE IT.  We can’t say it enough.  LOVE the hell out of this goal-crushing journey. Focus on how good it feels to dream, grow, build, believe!

WABAM. #RebelSuperPowers.