You already know the answer.

We’re a whole thing.  We want what we want and we want it now.  When we can shop, hail a cab, and plan world travel in a few simple clicks; it’s no wonder we want a quick fix for everything.  Not to mention, they’ve been telling us for years we can have it all if only we just buy whatever their magic secret is. From blenders to hair products to real estate…isn’t that what they want us to believe?

For four years our Revvers’ have shared stories with us about their past attempts at quick fixes.  From cleanses and detoxes to bars and shakes; from 21-day slim-downs to cucumber diets, we’ve heard it all. Not to mention, weigh-ins and measuring just work to deepen self-loathing and make us feel objectified.  Seriously…aren’t we more than the circumference of our upper arm?

When it comes to the big stuff, the secret is that there is no secret.

It’s human nature to think everyone else’s blessing were showered upon them without any effort.  From the outside looking in, the people who have it all seem to just - have it all. But hold up a second - we know better than this, right?

Oprah, Steve Jobs, that guy at the bands who can crush aaallllll the Fighter Kicks, do we really think they were just chillin’ on their Playstation with a pizza pocket when one day badassery came knocking at their door?

Hell no.

We used to call our 8 Week Challenge the Revkor Shred.  Catchy, right?  Sounds super fitnessy; gives you visions of ripped abs and sweat.  Which is exactly why we evolved.

Our challenge was always about something different – embracing the reality that getting to excellence TAKES WORK every day, for life. And what is one of life’s surest things? Ups and downs.  So it’s about hustling through the big successes and the small failures, and always choosing to get back on the horse.

Now we’re stepping up the challenge.

Sure we’ll eat clean and crush the bands, but now we’re asking ourselves for some serious Balls and Steam.  We couldn’t call it the “Work Your Ass Off Every Day to Make the Best Possible Choices for the Rest of Your Life to be the Most Hardcore Mofo in the Land Challenge”, so we called it the Rebellion.  We’re giving the middle finger to all the bozos out there that try and sell us on the idea that success comes without hard work, all while showing ourselves just what we can do when we tap into our unstoppable inner Rebel.

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll go way beyond fitness results, because it’s about that and so much more. We’ll redefine our idea of success, and create a road map to get there. At the bands, and in our lives.

Rebellion: The 8 Week Take-Back is our chance to stand up for our own results, to decide to choose the best for ourselves in our lives.  It’s a coaching challenge designed for all our Revvers to see what we can do to take ourselves farther on all levels. Based on what we know about y’all, we’re pretty sure you want in.

Questions?  Visit the Rebellion page and chat with your studio owner, or comment below!  There are no rules here, just 8 weeks of coaching straight to your inbox, designed to help you take you from your current state of awesomeness, to some extra-serious WABAM.

Ready to rock?