It’s a marathon.

It’s about living well forever, not just for 8 weeks.

Most Revvers know about our Balls + Steam story.  We already dug deep to find the balls to start this challenge, and we keep on finding the guts and courage each week as we set new goals and challenges, right?

Big dreams and lofty goals are nothing without the STEAM to see them through.

Over the years we’ve learned that there’s always a point in an 8 Week Challenge where Revvers need and deserve a hardcore RESET - a little reminder that it’s not supposed to be easy; it’s gonna take some perseverance to stay the course.

Build “STEAM Force” Muscle.

Sometimes finding the STEAM to truck along isn’t so hard - other times it feels damn near impossible.  Life can be unpredictable and challenges in so many different ways - here are some tips to help.

Rebel tricks.

  1. RESET. We choose to RESET any time we need!  Revisit goals always.
  2. STAY COOL: We get this idea that when we choose positivity for ourselves, others will think this is awesome. Not so. Intentionally or not, people may try and stand in our way. Remember that this is about them, not us. And it’s ok to hang out less with people who aren’t on board.
  3. REBEL-LOVE. A Rebel needs care!  Nourish yourself with rest, alone-time, and awesome food (not to mention massages, facials…!).
  4. BE POSITIVE. We try to notice if our language and energy becomes negative - that’s when we know we need a serious Reset.  Bad vibes breed more of the same, and we try and take responsibility.  That positive boost isn’t easy to find.  Making time for the things we love (for us it’s cooking, nature, family, creativity!) helps fill our cup.