You will.

The YET Force is inspired by “The Power of Yet”, part of scientist Carol Dweck’s “Growth Mindset”. Dweck observed that intelligence or ability isn’t fixed.  When students believe they can get smarter, they work harder to establish ability.

What does this have to do with the bands? Everything - and implementing it is so simple.

At a recent Revkor Bandit training, one of our instructors Kelsey brought this concept of YET into the mix.  As a primary school teacher, she said, “It’s about encouraging students to persevere…to understand that learning is an ongoing process. Instead of saying I don’t know all my multiplication tables , they might instead say I don’t know my multiplication tables YET.

Is it that we can’t do Mountain Climbers? Or is it that we can’t do them YET?  Odds are that we just need to find THE GUTS to try harder and see just what it is we’re capable of.  We have to SEE our success and believe we can improve. This is The YET Force.

Build “YET Force” Muscle.

The YET Force is one of the most simple to integrate into life. Let’s use it all day every day to completely redefine the story we tell ourselves about our own abilities.

Rebel tricks.

TURN IT AROUND.  Just like The GRIT Force, the best way to use this superpower is to REPHRASE.  Here’s our Rebel take on how to reposition I CAN’T into WATCH ME.

  1. I BLEW IT. Rebel Translation: Ok that didn’t work, what can I learn here?
  2. I CAN’T DO THIS. Rebel translation: I can’t do this YET, but I’m going to work harder to try.
  3. I SUCK AT CARDIO. Rebel translation: I’m gonna focus on building endurance, I can do this!
  4. I’LL NEVER BE FIT.  Rebel translation: Being fit is a process - I’m on that road and I won’t quit.
  5. THAT’S THE BEST I CAN DO. Rebel translation: That was pretty badass…what more have I got?
  6. WHY IS SHE SO GOOD AT THAT? Rebel translation: Hmm, she has skills. What can I learn from her?

WABAM. #RebelSuperPowers.