Introducing our Revkor™ Summer Shred Winner: Chad!

Revkor™ is truly an addictive workout and Chad demonstrates why - look at these incredible results!

Chad from our Revkor™ London Market is the FIRST PLACE WINNER of our Revkor™ Summer Shred!  Not only did Chad’s results blow us away, as one of our original members, Chad is a shining example of what revNATION is all about.  Always showing up with loads of happiness, positivity, and determination, Chad is a staple in the Rev community.  He’s famous for boosting spirits not only in the studio, but across social media too.

While Chad’s before photo isn’t pre-shred (now that would be one hell of a 7-week transformation!), we included it because we know it will motivate and inspire so many.  A hardcore Revver from day-one, Chad has been stepping up to the bands for over two years.  You can choose to change your life and be happy, just like Chad does every single day.  Thank you Chad for being a Rev Hero every day!

CONGRATS CHAD!  Chad wins a $500 gift card toward our Band Camp trip to Costa Rica!

“The last time I wrote about what Revkor meant to me I simply said: happiness. And I meant it. Now I’m going to expand on that by talking about something that every single one of us shares: choice.
Karl Jung said: I am NOT what happened to me. I am what I CHOSE to become.
Almost two and a half years ago I chose to walk through the door of Angela Rivard’s first studio. I instantly fell in love with her calmness, strength and confidence. I was hooked on the workout and I chose to keep going back because I could feel it working. I was becoming stronger, my balance was improving and I was having a blast working out with what was, even back then, a growing community of exceptional individuals, many of whom are still Revvers today!
The scary thing about choice is while we may be free to choose we are not free from the consequences of those choices. But, the amazing thing about Revkor is that the consequences of choosing to be a Revver, as I see it, are: strength, athleticism, power, pride, softness, camaraderie, friendship, compassion,humility, focus, fun, growth, and the list goes on and on but each and every one of those adjectives is a pillar of what it is to be a good human being.
I choose to believe in Revkor and its philosophy which is to move, to eat clean and to live fully and I have chosen to adopt that lifestyle because I have never, in my life, felt and looked as good as I feel and look right now. I choose to continue on this path for as long as I can because as far as I can see it’s looking pretty fine to me.  Rumi said “Love is the whole thing. We are only pieces“. We will push each other to achieve. We will hold on tight to each other when we don’t. We are stronger together. REVnation bitches!! Much love.

I choose to be happy.”