The people who inspire and motivate us the most always have one thing in common: perseverance. 

Why  do we have this misconception that some people get all the luck?  That some people’s roads are smoother and flow more easier because they were gifted with the talent good fortune to reach the loftiest of goals?

Any accomplished artist will say - they do not roll out of bed every morning and paint a masterpiece.  They try and fail a zillion times before finding their flow.  Writers struggle for days, months, sometimes years, throwing away endless drafts before finally finding the voice of a story.  Think of elite athletes - how many time do they fall, lose, bleed before becoming a champion?

What elevates people to extraordinary is resilience and focus.  We have to believe in our goals, see ourselves reaching them, and stop at nothing to get where we believe we deserve to go.

Our Rebellion goals are no different.

What motivates you to push through your challenge?  Most of us start with a focus on inches or pounds, or maybe the desire to fit into a goal outfit.  But doesn’t something else completely take over?

When we push through the hardest moves in revMIX, uncovering the strength that has always been there, we fuel a fire deep inside that is about so much more than how we look in our clothes.  We all want to quit - hell - it’s a lot easier to drop to your knees than crushing out ten more seconds of mountain climbers.  But when we choose to persevere, we prove to ourselves that we are extraordinary.  Quitting is easy.  Quitting is typical.  Outstanding people try, and are never discouraged by fear of failure.  

Tony Robbins says, “No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you’re still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.”


It doesn’t always look pretty when we choose to live with this kind of courage, but we can promise you something: 

Being unstoppable at the bands will make you unstoppable in your life.  

When you choose, again and again, to test your limits and break your own rules, your life will change.  You’ll discover that you have the guts to do things - to be things - you never thought possible.

How do we know this?  In so many ways, we learn it from you.  We watch you, day after day, rising before the sun to sweat and hitting the bands at the end of an exhausting day.  We watch you all CHOOSE POSITIVE CHANGE and become the people you want to be, all the time.  This is why we love our work, and it’s also why we yell at you so loud in revMIX : )

Don’t let something as ridiculous as holiday parties mess with your goals revNATION.  Are we seriously going to fall off the rails over a tray of drug-store chocolates in the lunch room?  Trading workouts for mall lineups? Don’t drink the cheap wine, and skip the box of re-gifted cookies.  This is when things get hard, and it’s NOW that our efforts really count.  Show yourself that you are the kind of person who is extraordinary, starting the new year with such unstoppable fire that there’s no telling where your badass life could go.

Revvers aren’t typical.

We don’t flake out.

We see our goals, we believe in ourselves, and we DO NOT STOP.  What’s on the other side of that moment when everyone wants to quit?  

Such possibilities.  Our full potential.

Go hard revNATION.  Let’s do the hell out of this.