Angela Rivard is the founder of Revkor™. She runs her London Market studio in London, Ontario and continues to develop the business with her partner Erin. Her passion for fitness and her love for Revkor™ is the foundation of the company…just ask her members!


So here we are, launching into the next generation of FLX.

Just over two years ago, I was opening the doors to my little studio in London, where we had just a handful of systems and one sequence - FLXyoga.  Nothing could have prepared me for the kind of response I would get for this workout. I knew how FLXyoga made me feel, but seeing how it made my students feel - that’s when I got really revved up to make things happen.
My first partner Ashley was next to me when we faced the Dragons.  While no longer technically part of the business, Ashley is still a huge part of our world, even there for midnight brainstorms when Erin and I are renaming the company!
Which brings me to Erin.  We’re really not sure how our two worlds collided.  Erin happened to move to Cambridge the week that my FLX systems were installed at Moksha Yoga Cambridge.  A Moksha teacher, writer and business builder, Erin immediately fell in love with FLX and contacted me for a magazine interview to help gain some attention for FLX.  We clicked instantly and formed a new partnership in 2014.  While we didn’t gain an investor on the show, Erin helped me see that we didn’t need one.  Together we feel ready to take on just about anything, and we are so grateful to be working together!
About our name change.
Late last year, many of you enjoyed a cocktail or seven with us at our red-carpet relaunch party where we announced our plan to drop the word “yoga” from our name.  It was clear that our programming was growing in a strong fitness direction, and while some of our movements will always be yoga-inspired, our MIX sequences were taking on a direction of their own.
Almost immediately after that party, some opportunities came our way to explore expansion across Canada and beyond.  We found out that in order to grow without limits, we needed a brand new name.
I am so pleased to introduce you to Revkor™.  It’s the same workout you know and love, only better!  It’s a celebration of YOU.  Watching each of you show up at the bands every day and get strong….REALLY STRONG!  From the inside out.  I have witnessed the magic of this workout.  So many friendships have formed, and many lives have changed - especially mine.
For those of you who were with me from the beginning, there truly are no words.  In so many ways you are true partners in this business.  It’s the passion you shared along the way that both kept me energized and motivated, and inspired so many others to come through my doors.  An extra special thanks to Duane Marino for all his guidance along the way, and to Doug Stacey for believing in the FLX fix : )
Thank you so much for being part of my journey.  I cannot wait to share the future of Revkor™ with you, and so honoured to share my passion with you every single day.
Let’s do this revNATION!