It’s not about diets or meal plans.

One of the most common questions we get during our Shred season is: why didn’t you give me a meal plan?  

Remember the cabbage soup diet?  How about the Master Cleanse?  Diets and cleanses imply that the body needs some sort of special and temporary scenario to achieve health, or that losing weight should be our focus.

This is not true.

Building a strong and healthy body means a commitment for life.  This is why our Shred is 8 weeks long, so that we have a chance to build healthy habits that we can sustain forever…not just for temporary results.  Because who wants that?  Don’t we want to be hardcore, super-strong, feel-good Revvers for the long-haul?

We share basic tools and tips but the rest is in your hands, because it has to come from you.  Educating ourselves - getting support where we need it, and implementing shifts based on our own knowledge - empowers us to  create true change in our lives.

True story.

What we should eat in a day depends on so many factors:

  • age
  • weight
  • activity level
  • hormones
  • special dietary needs

If simply making clean, healthy choices and using the recipes we provide as inspiration isn’t enough for you, then you might like to hire a registered nutritionist to help you really get the tools that are customized just for you!

Let’s commit to doing whatever it takes to educate ourselves to make the best choices possible, remembering that healthy, shred-worthy food should also be simple and seriously delish.